All troubles have an antidote.

/August 2022

Buddha said: three thousand strands of annoyance is better than one.

people have as many troubles as hair. if they are not cut off, they will become more and more.

Why do people worry?

to get to the bottom of the matter, most of the troubles come from persistence, ignorance, and ignorance.

however, there is an antidote to all troubles.


the antidote to persistence: turn

Buddha says: things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the mind, and troubles are all born of the mind.

things change with the heart; the environment is created by the heart; worry is created by the heart.

in fact, nothing has changed, what has changed is people's mind, state of mind, state of mind.

as the saying goes: if the situation changes with the heart, it will be happy, and if the heart changes with the situation, it will be annoying.

the environment or situation changes with the change of people's state of mind, it will be pleasant; people's state of mind will change with the change of environment or situation, it will be annoying.

to be a man, if you can maintain a good state of mind, adversity may turn into prosperity.

A donkey fell into a deep abandoned trap.

the owner weighed it, thought it was not cost-effective to save it, and left.

every day, someone dumps rubbish into the trap, and the donkey is very angry: what bad luck, even if the owner doesn't want it, he will die uncomfortably.

but one day, his mind changed, trampling garbage under his feet every day, and finding some leftovers from the garbage to maintain his physical strength.

finally, one day, it stepped on higher and higher garbage and returned to the ground.

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A person's life will always encounter many good times and adversity.

when you are in good times, if you are too persistent and afraid of losing, you will be trapped by prosperity, and prosperity will turn into adversity.

when you are in adversity, don't be too persistent and don't always complain. You should know how to change your state of mind, find solutions to difficulties, and turn adversity into prosperity.

regardless of prosperity or adversity, we should understand that thinking determines the way out, the state of mind builds the pattern, and the mind becomes broad.

the greatest success in life is to turn adversity into prosperity.


the antidote to ignorance: Hui

Buddha said: no beginning, no understanding, no thought.

ignorance without beginning is ignorance without beginning; ignorance is ignorance caused by desire.

the ignorant person is obsessed with reason, madness, constant desire and endless annoyance.

I have seen a piece of news:

there was a car accident in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. A private car accidentally hit a roadside fire hydrant. The car suddenly turned upside down, and both his wife and husband were injured.

I thought that when such a big thing happened, the husband and wife would complain about each other. The husband blamed his wife for not being able to drive, and the wife blamed her husband for not being comforting, but this is not the case.

the couple climbed out of the overturned car, and after confirming that they were all right, they happily took a picture in front of the scrapped car to commemorate it.

when taking pictures, the husband said that everything he experienced with his wife was a treasure worth recording.

this news contains a deep philosophy: apart from life and death, everything else in the world is a small matter; life is impermanent, and if you want to open up, it will be a sunny day; cherish the present so as not to come to the world in vain; in front of life and death, it is the greatest wisdom to take it easy.

in fact, this couple has already used what the Buddhists call "wisdom", thus breaking their own "ignorance".

therefore, after experiencing life and death, they are happier and happier.

ignorance is related to congenital endowment and is the most difficult to cure.

if you want to cure ignorance, you must cultivate wisdom diligently.

Wisdom is a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the various realities of life in the universe, so as to uncover troubles and get rid of ignorance.

if you practice wisdom diligently, you will be able to get rid of ignorance and no longer cause a lot of trouble.


the antidote to laughter

the ancients said, "the road is not far away, the road is simple."

people who are not far away from Tao, that is, "Tao" does not exclude people, and people can acquire it through sincere practice.

the main road is simple, that is, the great truth is so simple that it can be explained in one or two words.

the reason why people are upset is that they are not open-minded and think about people and things too complicated.

A native of Yan left home and went to the State of Chu until he was old.