Virtue can gather wealth; and, can prosper the family

/August 2022


if a man is virtuous, he must have wealth.

it is said in

that a hundred gold must be a hundred gold, and a thousand wealth must be a thousand gold. "

it is a predestined blessing that people have as much wealth as they have.

and when a person disregards the accumulation of virtue and only consumes blessings without a bottom line, the blessings are exhausted and the money cannot be kept.

once upon a time there was a monk who gave a daily lecture. But because of their own lameness, it is very inconvenient to walk.

A kind-hearted family saw this and worried about the hardship of monks. So he prepared delicious meals every day and invited monks to live at home to facilitate Zen master's lecture.

A year later, when the monk bid farewell and went on a long trip, a lot of treasure suddenly appeared in the family's yard and became rich from then on.

when the neighbors heard about it, they were very jealous. So he hurriedly looked for the lame monk and asked him to go home to make offerings. Unexpectedly, the monk found it, but he was not lame.

regardless of this, after deceiving the monk home, Sheng Sheng broke one of his legs, and then falsely provided for him.

within a few days he became impatient and immediately drove away the monk, thinking, "I'm going to be rich!"

he hurried into the courtyard, but many poisonous snakes and scorpions sprang out of the courtyard and killed him on the spot.

this shows that people without virtue are hard to avoid misfortune and finally deserve it themselves; only those with virtue can gather wealth and become rich.

thus it can be seen that karma is not the protection of heaven, but the reward of those who do good deeds.

the world loves money, but does not see it.

in fact, the money is in our Fudley. People without morality, even if the sky falls windfall, but also will eventually pass by, no blessing to accept.

Han Shu said: "if there is Yin virtue, heaven will reward it with blessing."

the life of wealth is attracted by the virtuous.

geomantic omen is alive. If your virtue is bad, fengshui will affect you and make you lose money and your family; if you have deep virtue, it will help you and make you rich and prosperous.

therefore, it is a disaster for a villain to make a fortune.

the old saying that "accumulating virtue and losing virtue" is telling us that prosperity and wealth are not robbed, but inspired by virtue. Every behavior of a man is affecting his own destiny.


people are in harmony, and the family will be prosperous

youdao is: "kindness leads to auspiciousness, perverseness leads to grumpiness."

people can keep their blessings only if they have kindness, and only when they have kindness at home can they prosper.

A wife asked her husband to exchange the horse for some food, but all her husband got was a bag of rotten apples.

your neighbor mocked, "your wife must be furious when she sees it."

the husband smiled and said, "No, not only that, my wife will praise me."

the neighbor didn't believe it, so he bet him a bag of silver.

when she got home, the wife happily praised her husband: "Great. I just borrowed food from Sister Wang, but she didn't even want to lend me a rotten apple. Now, I can lend her a bag of rotten apples!"

as promised, the neighbor gave him a bag of silver.

the husband earned this bag of money not because of luck, but because of his family.

his wife is tolerant and understanding, and his family has a harmonious atmosphere, which is why it is so.

Buddhists often say, "A thousand years of practice comes to the same meal, and ten thousand years of practice comes to the same boat."

it is not easy for families to get together. It is even more blessed to be in harmony.

the more quarrels, the more bad luck; the more harmony, the more prosperous the family.

A family, who knows how to cherish and tolerate, can be happy for a long time.


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A person's fate, wealth, and the rise and fall of his family are all determined by his own energy.

when a person gets more, but virtue is shallow, he can't keep anything.

it's like some people try their best to make money, only to become seriously ill and use up all the money.

Buddhists always tell us that karma cannot be done. It is because there is a law of conservation between heaven and earth, and once it is out of balance, it will bring blessings or disasters until the balance is restored.

so we often hear people say, "if virtue does not match, there will be disasters."

Mr. Nan Huaijin once said with emotion: "Destiny cannot be done by hard means."

Destiny is the most taboo about people's calculations. Be careful if you get the chance, you will lose it.

only accumulating virtue is the best fengshui.

A person's life is a mixed blessing.

when you are blessed, everything goes well; when you are blessed, you suffer.

only by accumulating virtue can we build wealth, accumulate and have talents.