The warmest upbringing is not to embarrass others.

/August 2022

compare your heart to heart, think of others, do not embarrass others, and safeguard the dignity of others, this is the most warm-hearted upbringing.

in real life, it is inevitable that everyone has some minor mistakes and inappropriate words and deeds, so we should be more understanding and forgiving. For people and things, do not "serve food for spectators", do not curry favor with people who are powerful, powerful and rich, do not squeeze people who have no power, no power and incompetence, and treat people around them with a warm and peaceful heart and a warm and friendly manner. This is a good quality, this is good education, and this is the highest state of human experience.

if you have a high upbringing, even if you treat people you don't like very much, even those who have had friction with you, you are really a broad-minded person.

in dealing with others, we should learn to use wisdom to resolve other people's embarrassment, learn to use kindness to eliminate each other's embarrassment, and learn to use self-pushing and other people's psychology to understand each other's difficulties. Your sincere and considerate excellent character is your best upbringing.

A person's good upbringing comes from his kindness for the sake of others and from his inner self-cultivation. In short, if you want to be a comfortable person, you must first make sure that you don't embarrass others.

not to embarrass people is to safeguard the dignity of others. Human dignity is paramount, and no one's dignity should be trampled on by others! If you trample on other people's dignity today, he will embarrass you tomorrow. Not to embarrass others with understanding and kindness, it not only maintains the dignity of others, but also towers your own image, which is also the embodiment of your beauty and kindness.

here is a story to resolve embarrassment. One day, as British naval minister, Winston Churchill was invited to a private dinner hosted by a British aristocrat. At the end of the dinner, a businessman secretly put a very beautiful copper wine glass into his pocket and wanted to keep it for himself.

this scene happened to be seen by the hostess of the dinner party, but the hostess was afraid of embarrassing each other and could not go directly to ask for it. When she heard that Churchill was a resourceful man, the hostess turned to him to get her glass back.

then Churchill secretly put another identical wine glass into his pocket while no one was looking, then walked up to the businessman, pulled him to an inconspicuous corner, then took the glass out of his pocket, explained to the businessman that the hostess had found two glasses missing, and said, "she may have to search us one by one. Let's put it back to avoid embarrassment." On hearing this, the businessman immediately understood and blushed and said, "all right, put it back together."

after the merchant took out his glass, Churchill pretended to be clinking glasses with him, drank it dry, and naturally put the glass back on the same table with him.

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being a man is a knowledge, and speaking is an art. Many people think that to speak bluntly is to be frank, but it is not. If you point out other people's shortcomings regardless of the occasion, can not grasp the discretion, it is easy to embarrass each other, resulting in contradictions between each other. True wise people all understand that you should be cautious in what you say and do, and know how to take care of other people's feelings and feelings.

it is impolite to criticize others in public. Even if you are right, the other person will feel embarrassed, face-saving and uncomfortable. If you tell him politely in private, he will not only appreciate you, but also respect and admire the way you behave.

to be a man, you should have a beautiful heart and be kind. No matter when and where, do not embarrass or embarrass people.