The best state of life: everything is idle, everything is not messy.

/August 2022

writer Sanmao once said:

people live, do not neglect themselves in their spare time, and do not mess up when they are busy.

because life is not always plain sailing, ups and downs, is the normal state of life.

the really strong can still keep their best after going through the big waves.

the best state of a person is to have nothing to do and not to mess up.


the philosopher Pascal said:

many people are most afraid of letting them stay with themselves for a while.

if they don't have a cell phone, it's like they've lost their soul.

if you don't go to work the next day, you must retaliate by staying up late and indulging yourself thoroughly.

the best state of one's life is to be able to control yourself when you have nothing to do with your leisure.

as Hu Shi said:

the grasp of leisure time hides the level of the rest of his life.

someone has done a data analysis:

if a person's life is calculated at the age of 72, then sleeping accounts for 20 years, eating for 6 years, illness for 2 years, sports and sports activities for 8 years, work for 14 years, and leisure time for 22 years.

how a person uses his free time determines the height of his life.

writer Li Shanglong told the story of one of his programmer friends:

he just quit his job, was confused and in a bad mood, and didn't go out to look for a job for a long time.

when Li Shanglong began to worry about his state and advised him to find a job casually, he waved his hand:

he stayed quietly for a year without going out to look for a job and had less contact with Li Shanglong.

when we met again, Li Shanglong found that he had secretly taken his driver's license, lost 20 jin, and read more than 100 books while he was alone.

what's more, he got the qualification certificate of certified public accountant and successfully found a job in an accounting firm.

No matter how idle you are, you can live wholeheartedly without being impatient.

Zhou Guoping once said:

rather than talking about heaven and earth with others, I prefer to quietly do what I like to do.

people who are really good know how to make good use of their leisure time and make the best of themselves.


there is a saying in the University:

Life is always full of mud and sand, and we can't decide who we meet and what happens.

No matter what the current situation is, if you can calm down and take it calmly, you will find that there is no insurmountable hurdle, and there is always a solution to everything.

Master Zhan ran Yuan Zen said:

when we are calm and calm, we can face all kinds of hardships in life at our best.

I have read such a story:

during the Edo period in Japan, the situation was in turmoil.

A tea master specially dressed up as a samurai and walked down the street.

then a ronin came face-to-face and challenged the tea master and said, you are also a samurai, let's compete with each other for swords.

the tea master said frankly:

"Sorry, although I dressed as a samurai, I am only a tea craftsman. I am no match for you in terms of sword skills."

seeing that he was weak, the ronin pressed him step by step, saying:

the tea master thought that he could not hide, so he said:

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the ronin thought about it and agreed.

the tea master went straight to the most famous martial arts school in the capital and asked the swordsman to teach him a dignified way to die in the shortest time.

the swordsman was very surprised and said:

the tea master repeated his encounter with the ronin.

the swordsman said:

the tea master was very sad. He thought that this might be the last time in his life to make tea. He felt very solemn and solemn. He did it very attentively and calmly watched the mountain spring water boil on the small stove. Then he put the tea in, washed the tea, filtered the tea, and the contest had long since turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared.

the swordsman was moved and sighed:

the swordsman taught the tea craftsman the basic posture before the match.

the tea craftsman returned to the place where he met the ronin, made a deep bow to the ronin, and said to the ronin:

then he took off his short coat, folded it carefully, tied his head, put on his belt, pulled up his trouser skirt, raised his long knife over his head, and positioned himself to cut down his opponent.

close your eyes, calm down and wait for your opponent to attack.

when the ronin saw the action of the tea craftsman's duel, he was petrified and knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

it is not the wind or the tree, but the heart of the benevolent.

all the changes in this world are fluctuations in our minds.

the joy or pain in the course of life is like looking at flowers in the water, which is bound to flow away in time.

A person who does not mess up must have a clear and soft heart.


Thoreau once said:

"the more things a man can let go, the richer he is."

A person with a rich heart will not be disturbed by the external environment.

because he can put down all the noise and prosperity and face everything calmly and calmly.

as Roman Roland said:

there is a universe in the chest, treading on mountains and rivers.

Don't worry about the past, don't worry about the future, make decisions everywhere and be true everywhere.

there is such a story in the Biography of Guo Tai, the Book of the later Han Dynasty:

when Guo Tai was in Taiyuan, he saw a man walking along the road carrying a clay pot on his back. The pot suddenly fell to the ground with a crash.It was scary.

who knew the traveler didn't even look at it and went on with it as if nothing had happened.

Guo Tai felt very strange when he saw it, so he took the initiative to come up and ask him, "Why did you break your earthen jar, don't look at it, abandon it, and continue to walk?"

the man replied:

people with rich hearts have both joy and open-mindedness that they can afford.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

like wild chrysanthemum in the mountains, it does not compete with the fragrance of the crowd, but lives for itself and is fragrant and comfortable.

Life can be colorful only if you have a rich heart and live a sober life.

writer Xue Xiao Zen once said:

"when people reach a certain age, they go to recycle. Finally, they receive a couple of bosom friends, a cup of shallow tea, simple and simple, and make their life the way they want it to be."

the greatest meaning of life is not to go to a certain purpose, but to undertake every process.

when we cross the river of time, we find that life is made by ourselves, and where the road of life will go is our choice again and again.

if you don't waste yourself in your spare time, you can have a wonderful tomorrow.

if you don't mess up when you are busy, you will have a leisurely life.

people with rich hearts, life is full of scenery, and everything in the world is as elegant as a lotus.

May you and I keep our hearts full so that we can meet better ourselves and have a more magnanimous life.