Learn to precipitate (deep good text)

/August 2022

Sanmao said:

"all people are hollow people at first.

it all depends on life experience to call out the direction, fill it with experience, and gradually become a solid person. "

along the way of life, we will constantly meet some people and experience some things.

read countless people, after countless experience, will gradually understand.

Life is just a process of gradual precipitation.

relax your mind and take a long view.

what finally settles down are the really heavy things in life.

those who know how to precipitate can live clearly, wisely, and live a life without regrets.


precipitate emotions

Sukhomlinsky said:

"True love requires not only love, but also insight into each other's inner world."

when two people get along, after seeing the good side, they should also understand the shortcomings behind it.

there is no precipitated emotion, and it is always a rootless duckweed.

Little Women tells the love story of a couple of young people.

Laurie is Joe's neighbor's child.

he and his grandfather live in a magnificent house, but they don't have any fun.

he envied the joys of the Joe family and hoped to be friends with them.

by chance, Laurie and Joe met.

Joe's liveliness and kindness shone into Laurie's lonely heart like the sun.

from then on, Laurie began to chase the figure of Joe, playing, talking, imagining the future, and slowly growing love.

although Laurie's love for Joe is beautiful, pure and free of any impurities.

but emotion also needs to precipitate.

Laurie thinks of Joe as everything. He wants Joe to live here with him.

but Joe doesn't think so.

she loves freedom, yearns for independence, and wants a future that two people can support together.

this is far from what Laurie can do today.

so when Laurie expressed her affection, she refused decisively.

without precipitated feelings, no matter how intense the love is at first, it will be slowly cold.

this blow brought Laurie back to his heart and began to think.

after a period of precipitation, Laurie discovered.

it turns out that what you really love is Amy, a good friend who has been around all the time.

although their feelings were not as eager and strong as he was for Joe.

but in small days, tenderness can become each other's eyes.

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Karen Mok sings in "like you slowly":

"slowly like you, slowly get close; slowly talk about yourself, slowly walk with you."

in the adult world, it doesn't matter who you walk with at first.

the key is who is left around us when the green has faded from the face and the time has been worn out.

have nothing to say, it is the biggest coolness between husband and wife.

if there is no precipitated emotion, it will only be empty in the end.

after the baptism of years, the feelings of helping each other will become the simplest way to depend on each other.


precipitation courageif life is a glass of water, pain is dust that falls into the cup.

in the real world, the river runs.

No one's life will always be plain sailing.

different stages, we will have different dilemmas.