Getting up early is worse than staying up late.

/August 2022

I often see such words:

I do not know when to stay up late has become a sign of struggle, the impression of people who can endure, work terribly hard.

but think about it, it is never going to bed late, but getting up early to open the gap between people.

those who can get up early are really awesome.


what happens when I get up 30 days early?

nowadays, too many people are used to staying up late and getting up late. As long as they don't work the next day, they want to stay in bed all day.

sometimes he says he goes to bed before 12:00 and is ridiculed: "I went to bed too early."

but have you ever wondered what would happen if you got up 30 days earlier?

Don't talk about the madmen who fight so hard, just talk about the changes that will happen to you.

once there was a challenge of getting up early for 30 days. A netizen usually got up at nearly 7:30 and set the alarm clock to 5:01. His purpose was also very simple, to keep a clear head.

he is an ordinary office worker, can not guarantee bedtime, during the day work always feel dragged by the task, especially when the two things switch, can not help but doze off.

lasted for 30 days, and sleepiness became an occasional thing.

in the later stage, all kinds of ideas will come to his mind, and the efficiency will be improved a lot when he writes it down in the morning.

the subway morning rush hour was successfully avoided. He had a plan for everything and had a full sense of control.

according to the calculation, he slept at 11:00, two hours less than before.

this is the improvement of sleep quality by getting up early.

Life is still the same life, busy or the same busy, but choose to go to bed early and get up early, you seize the initiative in life.

even with such minor changes, the gains should not be underestimated.

Zhu Xiaoli, a precious mother in the workplace, works during the day for a long time and spends her evenings with her children. She is so tired that she has no time to do anything.

when she got up from 7:30 to 5:30, she felt like "Yes!"

now I go to bed around 10:00, get up early for running, listening to books and having breakfast.

she takes notes every day when she learns good things in the book. When she encounters problems at work, she begins to have some new ideas. Children are influenced by her and have a conscious need to learn.

I hated doing homework with my children, but I gradually became patient.

because of the change in spirit, her skin began to get better, which can't be achieved with any amount of cosmetics.

as Franklin said:

No matter how helpless your life is, you have the right to change it by getting up early.

you don't have to force yourself to get up early, let alone work so hard that you can't do anything about it. Naturally, you form a good habit and become self-disciplined.

in fact, porridge in the morning tastes better than wine late at night.


when you get up early, you can't stay up late.

We subconsciously feel that getting up early and staying up late are time. If you stay up more, you have more time.

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but ask yourself, what did staying up late give you?

body collapse, face collapse,

hair loss, acne, lethargy, and dizziness. What I want is mood and efficiency, but in the end it all goes against my wishes.

what can getting up early give you?

what staying up late can't give it to you, it can give it to you.

some people exposed their systemic problems when they stayed up before 1 am every day for more than 10 years in an Internet company.

according to his height, the standard weight is 130 jin, he weighs 170 jin, and every physical examination is fatty liver.

it is easy to catch a cold and rhinitis.

work is also ordinary, and my head is becoming more and more forgetful, like paste. I often make mistakes and have a big temper.

he thought these things would never change until he persisted in getting up early.

in the morning, he arranged to exercise, sit still, and have breakfast on time.

his weight was successfully reduced to 140 jin, and his original vicissitudes of life looked much younger.

the earliest time in the company, I was able to isolate and interfere with the processing of email, arrange my day, and think much more clearly.

when I go to work, I see the morning light that I haven't seen for a long time, and the flowers and plants on the side of the road, I also have the mood of appreciation.

this is not an isolated case.

Japan's Ministry of Health and Labor conducted a study and asked 440 employees to test their saliva indicators at work and after work to see their mental state.

it was found that people who went to bed early and got up early had lower cortisol in saliva and better mental state.

this means they are in a good mood, stress-free, and healthier.

in contrast, it is a more gripping figure.

China Youth Daily once launched a survey on "Why do you stay up late". Of the 14000 people, 56% chose to stay up late because of watching TV shows and browsing their mobile phones. Reluctant to sleep.

when you think you are awake, you may just be moving yourself.

this is not entirely your fault, because time cannot be managed in the first place, and what can really be managed is energy.

it's also eight hours of sleep, getting up at six at ten and getting up at eight at 12:00. It's a different life.

your body's biological clock will not accommodate you.

all we can do is to do the best thing to do at the most efficient and undisturbed time.

to put it bluntly, it is to get up early.

even if not for that extra hour, you deserve to start a new day at your best.


people who taste the benefits will become addicted to getting up early

every time I see an early article, there is always a message:

"We all know that early to bed and early to rise is better, but I just can't do it."

but really taste it.People who get up early don't have to stick to it at all.

only when you have tasted the sweetness can you say it is too difficult and give up.

bilibili blogger Li Junjie used to be a difficult family to get up early.

he finally got up early, brushed his mobile phone, slept again, and doubted his willpower every day.

until he came across a theory,

you can't get up early because you always compare yourself to the happiness of sleeping lazily, and you can't do anything in the morning because of the temptation of mobile phone screen and takeout push, which consumes your willpower.

get up early and get in touch with what you have to do.

later, Li Junjie put his cell phone away and changed the ordinary alarm clock by the bedside to promise not to touch the phone in advance.

the things to do are also divided into 2-minute small things.

if you want to keep fit, walk quickly for two minutes; if you want to learn English, memorize a word; if you want to write a script, write a line first.

he pastes a post-it note on his desk every night, and the time, place and specific plan have been decided.

he found that all he had to do was easy, and a sense of fullness took the place of anxiety.

with the inertia of action, it will generate more inspiration and motivation, and even the rest of the work will be done naturally.

even if you really need a little self-control, the morning when you don't have to fight your desires is definitely the best time for your self-control.

you feel happy staying up late, but your happiness is limited to a short period of time.

you feel the pain of getting up early, but the pain is only the moment of getting up, and the rest of the day is full of sense of achievement. Short-term pain for long-term happiness, this is the most worthwhile deal.

all you have to do is set an alarm clock and wake up to do a little thing.

of course, you can't ask for perfection when you get up early. You can accept that you want to be lazy, or you can be relaxed, but remember to stick to it.

because people who really taste the sweetness are addicted to it early.

Yan Geling, a prolific writer, must have a cup of coffee in the morning, go out for a run, and come back to write.

Bill Gates gets up at 3 o'clock every day to work, Haruki Murakami gets up at 4 o'clock to write.

Jobs has already finished his day's work before 9 o'clock every day. The winner in your eyes just takes getting up early as a natural thing.

you know, those who love life get much more than a big breakfast.

the trajectory of your life changes at the moment you decide to get up early.


those who can't stay up late will give you

think of Nan Huaijin's sentence: "you can control your life only if you can control the person in the morning."

it's really useless to stay up late, it can only consume you constantly, but there is only a distance between you and the enviable life.

there is a question on the Internet: "what is the experience of getting up early for a long time?"

highly praised replied: "what is a high income experience, have a good-looking object what experience, this is you can not decide, but get up early what experience, you will know."

those who insist on getting up early have already tasted that kind of happiness.

if you don't have this habit, promise me that you will experience it.