Conscience and character! (speaking of my heart)

/August 2022

write a person,

be an individual all your life.

the character is easy to write, but two strokes are simple, but it is difficult for

people to do.

dealing with people,

character comes first, conscience cannot be discarded,

moral integrity is more reliable than anything else, and

conscience is cleaner and more effective than anything else.

regardless of being a person or doing things,

should be based on character and conscience.

only by being upright and virtuous can you be respected if you don't do too much evil.

if you have a conscience, you can only be trusted if you don't cheat and cheat.

with a good character and a good conscience,

when you meet an important person and make a good friend on your way to life,

can you succeed and reach the peak.


conscience is the foundation of being a man.

what is conscience?

conscience is the foundation of being a man, and

conscience is the key to being a man.

conscience is that when others help you, you are grateful.

conscience is that when others treat you well, you double in return.

conscience is never ungrateful, and

conscience does not take advantage of others.

people have conscience,

can they know shame, distinguish right from wrong, and

can they be good people and help others.

if you act according to your conscience,

will be liked by others, and

you will live a life without shame.

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character is the card of doing things

what is character?

character is the card of doing things, and

character is the standard of doing things.

character is to be upright and magnanimous.

character is to be reliable and never boast.

character is to be kind-hearted at any time, and

character is to do no harm to anyone.

character is the certificate to gain trust, and

character is the source of fortune accumulation.

people with good character,

put their conduct first,

do not cheat and cheat, be vicious, and

do not expose people's shortcomings and help others.

with such people,

can supervise each other and achieve each other.

Don't leave a bad name when you are alive.

Don't do it for the sake of money and money.

is against your conscience and destroys your character.

fame and wealth status, such as smoke misty,

money and wealth, after all, is empty.

only character and conscience

can last for a long time and stay with you for a lifetime.

be a man with conscience, not afraid of lightning and thunder,

do things by character, not afraid of the sound of the door in the middle of the night.

you can't be unconscionable. Those who are unconscionable are in vain.

do not destroy character, those who destroy character leave a bad name.

Life is short and passes by in a hurry.

if you want to live with a clear conscience,

do it cleanly and magnanimously.

take conscience as the bottom line and character as the criterion.

if you have conscience, you can be sincere.

if you have character, people respect you!