Don't turn your child into a beggar.

/July 2022


A tramp came to my door and wanted to ask his mother for something to eat.

the tramp was pathetic. His right hand and his whole arm were broken and his empty sleeves were sloshing.

I thought my mother would give generously, but my mother pointed to a pile of bricks in front of the door and said to the homeless man, "could you help me carry this pile of bricks to the back of the house first, please?"

the tramp said angrily, "I only have one hand, and you still have the heart to ask me to carry bricks?" If you can't help me, I won't blame you, so why bother me? "

Mother was not angry. She smiled at the homeless man, then leaned over and grabbed the two bricks with one hand.

when she moved back, she gently said to the homeless man, "you see, you can work with one hand. I can do it. Why can't you do it?"

the tramp was stunned. he looked at his mother with strange eyes, his pointed Adam's apple rolling up and down like an olive, and finally bowed down and lifted the brick with his only hand.

he could only move two pieces at a time, and it took him two hours to finish moving the bricks.

he was gasping for breath, his face was covered with dust, and his tangled hair was wet with sweat and leaned to his forehead.

his mother handed him a snow-white towel. The tramp took it and carefully wiped his face and neck. The white towel turned into a black towel.

his mother handed him another glass of water and a piece of bread, and when he left, his mother handed him 20 dollars.

the tramp took the money and said with emotion, "Thank you, madam."

Mother said, "you don't have to thank me. This is the salary you earn with your strength."

the tramp said gratefully, "I won't forget you."

he bowed deeply to his mother and set off with his head held high.

A few days later, another tramp came to my door and begged his mother for alms.

his mother asked him to move the bricks behind the house to the front of the house, giving him water and bread, and $20.

I asked my mother, "the last time you asked someone to move the brick from the front of the house to the back of the house, this time you asked someone to move the brick from the back of the house to the front of the house. Do you want to put the brick behind or in front of the house?"

Mother said, "this pile of bricks is actually the same in front and back of the house."

I pursed my lips and said, "No, then."

my mother touched my head and said, "but for homeless people, moving bricks is very different from not moving bricks."... "

since then, some homeless people often come to our house, and every time my mother repeats the old play, and the bricks of my house are moved around in front and back of the house.


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A few years later, a very respectable man came to my house.

he is dressed in a suit and bearing, just like the successful people on TV.

the only drawback is that he has only one left hand and an empty sleeve on the right.

he took his mother's hand, leaned over and said, "without you, I would still be a tramp, because you asked me to move bricks, and today I can become the chairman of a company."

Mother said, "you did it yourself, not me."

the man straightened up, looked at his mother and said, "it was you who helped me regain my dignity and confidence. It was on that day that I knew that I still had the ability to do something."

to thank his mother, the one-armed chairman decided to give us a house, which is much better than what we have now.

Mother said, "I can't accept your gift."


"because we all have two hands!"

the chairman insisted, "I've already bought it for you."

Mother smiled and said, "then give the house to someone who doesn't even have a hand."

there are four children in our family. Although our family is not rich, we are all self-reliant when we grow up.

my two brothers have got doctorates, my sister is now a manager of a supermarket, I am a lawyer, and I am going to run for our state senator right away.

my mother is very old, and the pile of bricks in our house is sometimes moved around under my mother's command.

the end of the story, please think for two minutes before continuing.


after reading the above text, you should not think that you are telling you a story of doing good.

what I want you to read is a mystery about education.

have you ever wondered whether our children look like that tramp when they come into our lives?

they are incompetent, they are weak, they need our charity, they need our help.

how can we help them?

some parents really regard their children as tramps and beggars. They dress their children, bring bowls and chopsticks to their children, and put money in their hands.

then say to them, "look, I've worked so hard to raise you!"

as a result, children really become tramps and beggars. In their parents' day-to-day handouts, they gradually lose their self-confidence, dignity and ability to survive.

then we will say loudly, "Why are you so unpromising?" Why can't you do anything? "

Please reflect on the above story, think about the mother's intentions, and think about what she did: shouldn't we do the same with our children?

when children come to us, they are really weak and need help, but they are by no means charity.

they are not onlyIf you want to be loved, you need to be nurtured about independence, hope and dream.

from now on, examine ourselves. In which direction are we bringing up our children?