Exercise is the cure for everything.

/August 2022

when I was browsing Weibo the other day, I saw such a story on Hot search.

Nashida is an 88-year-old grandmother, but incredibly, she is also a female fitness instructor.

I have the impression that old people of this age should be old and inconvenient to move, but people can't see this in Nashida.

she has a strong figure, a forceful speech and a very good state of mind, so it is not difficult for her to do all kinds of fitness training which is very difficult for ordinary people to do.

she seldom uses cosmetics and often goes out with a little blush, but her face seems to stay at the age of 40.

many netizens lamented: "Age is just a number for her."

in fact, these are the best rewards for her sweaty sports over the years.

at the age of 50, she went to see a doctor because of knee pain and got "more exercise" advice.

so she went to the gym to sign up, but everything was difficult at the beginning, and several times she was so tired that she almost gave up halfway.

after a long time, she found that she gradually became addicted to sports, which lasted for 30 years.

she said: "Sports let you find that the meaning of life is much richer."

I think so.

Life lies in exercise, and people who are used to exercise will not live too badly.

the problems caused by not loving sports are often overlooked by us, and even pay a huge price for it.

it is often said that exercise is the best health care product.

as early as 2000 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said:

exercise is the best cure for everything.

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exercise to drive away your bad mood

some time ago, my friend Xiaomo was lovelorn.

his whole mood became so low that he couldn't pick up his spirits when he did anything. He either sighed or was silent when he met.

but when I saw him again recently, I found that his mental state was much better and his eyes were brighter.

it turns out that he has a friend who likes sports. This friend really can't bear to watch him struggle in pain, so he comes and drags him to run every day.

at the beginning, Xiao Mo was out of breath before he ran a few steps, and he felt that he could hardly hold on.

he once wanted to give up, but with the encouragement of his friends, he chose to stick to it.

unexpectedly, he became more and more energetic later, and his bad mood also found an outlet.

every time he comes home from a run, he is so tired that he falls asleep and stops thinking. After a good sleep, the next day was naturally full of energy.

in this way, Xiao Mo was addicted to running, and he had to run at least 5 kilometers every day for the next three months.

the unhappiness in his heart began to be relieved gradually, and people came out of the shadow of being lovelorn.

there is a saying: "We can't change the weather, but we can change our mood."

and exercise is one of the most effective methods.

when people exercise, the blood flow speeds up, and the body secretes a lot of hormones, including epinephrine, which makes people feel happy.

I don't know if you find that people who love sports seem to be more optimistic.

they rarely worry about anything, and they rarely fall into emotional troughs.

not only that, exercise is also very effective against depression.

James, a scientist at Duke University in the United States, has found that exercise can make people confident and optimistic, and can effectively treat and prevent depression.

with the pace of running, all the unhappiness will be thrown into the wind and go with the wind.

exercise may not help us solve a specific problem we actually encounter, but it can help you adjust your state so that you can have a positive attitude and face the ups and downs of life.


exercise makes you more "beautiful"

see such a sentence in moments:

the years have never forgiven anyone, but some people have never spared the years.

actress Zhou Xun is 46 years old, and the clever and cheerful little girl at that time is now middle-aged.

but her figure is no different from that of that year, and her whole temperament is no less than that of those who are more than ten years younger than her, and there is still a clear flow in her eyes.

some time ago, Zhou Xun shared her secrets in the Reality Show program Nice to meet you.

it turns out that she has been doing morning running all these years.

her goal is to run 8 kilometers every day, and sometimes she really doesn't want to move, so she forces herself to run 5 kilometers.

keep it no matter how busy you are, and never slack off.

Zhou Xun said that it was really difficult for her to keep running at the beginning, and she was very tired before she ran a few steps.

but after persisting, running has gradually become a habit.

in addition to running, Zhou Xun is also keen on skipping rope. not only that, she is also a regular in gym punching training.

it can be seen that the 46-year-old Zhou Xun is still able to maintain her young figure and temperament because she has never given up sports.

all those male goddesses in the entertainment circle have persisted in sports for many years.

Chen Kun posted a picture of himself with his 18-year-old son on the Internet.

Chen Kun, who is in his forties, looks like a fresh flesh in his twenties, and the two stand together like brothers.

the years don't seem to have left a trace on him, and he is still as handsome as he was, with no greasy feeling at all..

and all this has a lot to do with Chen Kun's habit of exercising.

Chen Kun insists on running every day as long as he is not very busy. At other times, he often does yoga.

it is said that time is a ruthless knife, but some people have weapons that can withstand time.

Haruki Murakami once said, "everything you want to look like, you have to carve it yourself."

We are always used to overeating and sitting for a long time while admiring others.

wait for the body to get fat, covered with flab, eroded to pieces by the years, and then begin to sigh again the ruthlessness of the years.

in fact, behind every glamour, there are countless persistence. The more you exercise, the more beautiful you are.

exercise is not only the most natural health care product, but also the best weapon against time.


exercise can make you healthier

see such a story on Zhihu.

Xiao Wang once had an illness with headache, dizziness, chest tightness and nausea.

went to the hospital to find out that he was suffering from a very serious cervical spondylosis and had to be hospitalized.

when the doctor reasoned the cause of the disease, he realized that all the problems were on him.

at work, I stare at the computer all day. After work, I go home and lie on the sofa and continue to play mobile phones and games.

when discharged from the hospital, the doctor repeatedly told us to exercise more, otherwise it is easy to have a relapse of the old disease.

Xiao Wang began to change, asking his friends to play basketball on the basketball court every day, plus running 5 kilometers in the morning.

in this way, after Xiao Wang persisted for a few years, exercise has become his habit. Xiao Wang's body has become healthier and healthier. He has never had a serious illness or even a small cold.

there is a saying:

exercise is the best "health product".

on the stage of "China's got Talent", there was a 78-year-old grandmother, but she looked as if she was less than 50.

as soon as the granny came on stage, she brought everyone an ebullient Latin dance with amazing skills.

split, lift, and be pulled up and rotated by the partner. In the course of the performance, she did every difficult move very smoothly.

Grandma said that she has been practicing dancing for many years and has never given up. Although she is now 78 years old, she still maintains a strong physique and a young state of mind.

Socrates once said:

exercise can awaken muscles and strengthen people's physique. It is not easy to be exploited by disease, and people are naturally healthier.

sit for a long time, stare at your phone for a long time, and don't exercise. These daily behaviors overdraw our bodies all the time.

if you don't take care of your body, your body will punish you.

exercise is the highest rate of return and will never regret the investment, when you start to love sports, health will fall in love with you.

only by having a healthy body, can we live with vigor and vitality.


exercise is a good medicine for solving troubles, embracing life and self-change.

exercise and not exercise lead a completely different life.

if we can keep exercising, 10 years later, when our peers' physical fitness declines, we will be in high spirits; 20 years later, when our peers begin to become hospital regulars, we will still be as strong as before.

every drop of sweat shed during exercise now will not let you down in the future.