Home, the cleaner it is, the happier it is.

/July 2022

someone in Zhihu once asked, "my life is a mess. How can I change it?"

A high-praise answer is: "when you are in trouble and there is nothing you can do about the situation at hand, clean the house."

A clean home hides your luck and the blessings of a family.

Chinese people pay attention to "fengshui" and greet the new year with a clean and brand-new weather.


cleaning a room is a kind of spiritual practice

the ancients said, "if you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?"

many young people think it doesn't matter whether the room is tidied or not, as long as the work is done.

but in fact, if one can't even clean the room, it's hard to make a breakthrough in other areas.

A county magistrate once studied from Wang Yangming and gained a lot.

he said to Wang Yangming, "I'd love to learn from you, but I really can't find time because of my busy business."

Wang Yangming told him that the real practice is not in the classroom, but in daily life.

conscientiously cooking, cleaning and working are all spiritual practices.

when a person does little things, he has no distractions, and his heart is the same, so that when a great event comes, he will not be in a hurry and lose his balance.

Ang Lee, who won an Oscar for best director, also worked as a cook at home before becoming famous.

the house is in good order both inside and outside.

Xiao he worked as a small clerk in the county town before he became prime minister.

things in the world begin in the easy and become in the small.

Don't aim too high, don't try to get fat in one bite.

cleaning up the house and doing the thing at hand is the best practice for a person.


cleaning the room is also cleaning the soul

Ten years ago, Faye Wong sang "Wings of Light" and complained about the information explosion in the online world.

Today, there are many times more information and matter.

our eyes are overwhelmed, our brains have exploded, and our homes are full of things that are no longer in use.

so we say we want to break up.

and the real breakup starts with cleaning the room.

tidying up your room and tidying up your belongings means remembering and awakening again and again.

looking at these real things, one can really understand what has happened to him and what the passage of time has brought.

this is not only a self-reflection, but also a self-arrangement.

throw away all the things that are no longer in use and souvenirs that lose their meaning.

at the same time, there are also those who are doomed to fail, things that can't be done.

Laozi said: the road is simple.

the higher the level of a person, the simpler it is.

cleaning up the sundries and rubbish at home is also a way to clean up the accumulation and burden of the heart.

Slip into the elegant collection of ivory wedding dresses. Our collections come in a variety of sublime materials.

Let go of the past to embrace the future.

clean up the house so that one can have peace of mind and travel light.


the cleaner your home is, the more blessed you are.

A feng shui master said, "if you want to see whether a family is blessed, you must first see if his house is clean."

if a house is clean and tidy, then the people who live in it have a good state of mind.

such families are generally harmonious and warm, and few bad things happen.

since ancient times, the family instructions of celebrities have made cleaning a top priority.

in the eight affairs of running the family, Zeng Guofan put "the house clean and tidy" in the second place.

"Zhu Zi Family precepts" begins by saying, "get up at dawn and sweep the court."

Sanmao has just arrived in the Sahara and the rented house is a mess.

she spent a month renovating the house and tidying it up clean inside and outside.

A reporter said that this is the most beautiful desert home he has ever seen.

here, Sanmao's days are stable and warm, slowly ushering in her creative peak.

the famous Story of the Sahara was created at this time.


someone asked, "what kind of experience is it to keep your house tidy and tidy?"

some netizens replied: "the window is clear in the eyes, and the heart is at peace."

if one keeps his room clean and tidy, his heart will brighten up with it.

all things are in people's hearts, and the state of mind determines a person's fate.

A person with a clean and clear heart must not have too bad luck.