If the values are different, don't force it any more.

/August 2022

Tagore has a famous saying:

when we were young, we must have fallen in love with this sentence, but as we get older, we will find that there are not so many vigorous life and death and love in life.

for ordinary life, the greatest criterion for determining the distance between two people is not love, but differences in values.

if you are not the same people, no matter how close you are to each other, you will not be able to get together after all.


there is no right or wrong in the three values, only differences

some people say that the real departure is always silent.

just picked a sunny morning, wore one of the most common clothes, closed the door quietly, and never came back.

that's what it really is.

there are many people who we once thought were extremely important. As we walked, they dissipated in the wind.

No quarrel, no blocking, so tacit estrangement from each other until no longer contact.

one day, looking back, you can't even tell whose problem it is.

once came together because of the intersection of life paths, and then separated, because they had to go on different paths.

whether you are willing to admit it or not, the relationship is basically over from the moment you realize that there is no common language.

Jia Zhangke wrote in "the Dead of Mountains and Rivers":

margin gather and end sometimes.

it is not so much that feelings can not stand the test of time, but that time has changed the values and cognition.

when the environment, the things we experience, and the goals we pursue have become completely different, we can only be left with the outcome of drifting away and speechless.

some people are destined to be passers-by. He has his life, you have your journey, it has nothing to do with right or wrong, but it can't be forced.


three values are different, don't try to integrate

three values are inconsistent, still barely get along, how tired is it?

someone on the Internet concluded:

the happiness I share is all ostentatious in my eyes;

the pain you speak is full of cowardice in my ears;

I say that the sea is beautiful, but you say it has drowned a lot of people;

you say fitness is great, but I say it is nothing but spending money to suffer.

actually summed up in one sentence, it is not speculative.

different values mean different views on things, positions and viewpoints, which is no longer a problem that can be solved simply by understanding or tolerating.

two people are not on the same channel at all, there is no nourishment, only consumption, time will inevitably become a burden to each other.

in the face of such a relationship, you should know how to change what can be changed and accept what cannot be changed.

the part that can change is your mindset, lower your expectations, and don't try to persuade or transform the other person to cooperate with you.

after trying to adjust yourself, if you really feel like you can't get along, accept it and let it end.

the so-called Tao is different and does not conspire with each other. The sooner you see this, the better for each other.

A mature life is the ability to choose the relationship you like, rather than breaking your own principles and bottom lines again and again to maintain a relationship and aggrieved yourself desperately.

in that case, it completely violates the meaning of being together.

where there is a beginning, there is an end, and where there is a gathering, there is separation.

if two people's worlds are poles apart, remember not to force them to get together and break up, which is the respect for the friendship they once had.


look down on the distant, cherish the

left behind, more and more feel that the years are like big waves scouring the sand, scouring out the hasty passers-by in life.

those who are not suitable or belong to you, no matter how long they meet, they will be taken away by the tide of time sooner or later.

what leaves is the scenery, but what is left is life.

gathering, dispersion and clutch is not only the norm, but also a kind of inspiration from fate.

reminds us in some way that not everyone lives in the same sea.

character may be able to run-in, but the three values cannot make do with it. Most of the time, one parting and two breadth are precisely for the joy of each life.

When in our elegant collection of tight homecoming dresses, be assured of an amazing look in each function. Just take these selections into consideration.

because only those who have experienced mistakes can understand what is right for them.

the rest of my life is expensive, so let it go.

in the end, you will find that a really comfortable relationship can be very simple.

because we sympathize with each other, we are able to respect, understand and understand each other.

in front of me, you don't have to pretend to do it yourself;

similarly, I don't have to watch and watch carefully in front of you.

this is the best embodiment of the consistency of the three values.

in fact, the more people you meet, the more you will feel that there is really a magnetic field between people.

when the magnetic fields coincide, the same frequency and resonance can be produced, and that feeling is often understandable and indescribable.

of course, it does not mean that there are no differences between the two people, but that there will be no conflict between the two sides in the general direction of life.

and also willing to make appropriate concessions for each other, so that they are both intimate and bounded, seeking common ground and reserving differences.

as the saying goes, those who understand you are self-evident, and those who do not understand you cannot argue.

since this is the case, learn to let go and be pessimistic and follow your heart.

Life comes and goes, and along the way, we are constantly meeting and saying goodbye.

in fact, go or stay, as long as you haveOnce we have met, we should be remembered and grateful.

but compared with the past, we still have to focus on the future.

there will always be people who leave you without saying goodbye, and there will always be people who run into you unexpectedly.

Lighting is watching. In the future, may you always have the courage to wave goodbye and the luck of the world of mortals to meet the right person among thousands of people and live a quiet life.