If you are rich and raise your wife, no matter how poor you are, you can get rich in your family.

/August 2022

an elder with considerable life experience once told me:

when I first heard this sentence, I thought it was too arbitrary.

however, as we get older, we see more and more families, and we find that the words of our elders are correct without exception.

I have two distinct examples around me.

one is my cousin.

she is already forty years old, but every time I meet her, I feel that she is still a little girl in her twenties.

when the three of them appear, they seem to bring their own highlights, which can suddenly attract everyone's attention and attract admiring, admiring, and eager eyes.

my cousin is 10 years younger than her brother-in-law, who has been obedient and spoiled like a daughter since her wedding day.

all relatives know that my cousin's husband has never said a heavy word to his cousin for many years, and he has always maintained a habit that when he comes home every day, he will prepare seasonal fruit for his cousin, cut it into small pieces and bring it to her.

Today, their son is 16 years old. Although his grades are not excellent, he is cheerful and humorous. Standing with his mother can play like a brother and sister, and he can get along with his father freely.

every time from my cousin's sweet smile, I can see the happy and bright appearance of her family.

but my aunt leads a different life.

her family is very rich, her sister-in-law works in engineering, and all the respectable people in the town know him.

however, as relatives, we are strangers to him because he seldom attends parties on the side of his aunt's family.

even if our aunt doesn't say much and we look at it coldly, we know that my uncle is an extremely male chauvinist.

he doesn't take off his shoes when he enters the house because he thinks it's troublesome. So the aunt had to mop the floor twice a day, and even so, she was still unable to keep it clean.

he was not allowed to go to the hotel for the Spring Festival, because he felt that it was not as good as being delicious and affordable at home, so the aunt was never able to have a good holiday. Always busy in the kitchen;

the big villa where they live, ten people old and young, are not allowed to hire a babysitter, because they don't want to see outsiders hanging around at home. So, my aunt is the free babysitter of his family.


my aunt's son, that is, my cousin, probably got his own father's style and told his wife what to do at home, making chickens and dogs restless every day.

when I think about my sister-in-law's family, I always feel:

A family is rich, but if the hostess is not well-off, the family will probably be in a mess.

it is better to raise a wife than to raise a child.

the results of psychological research show that the core of a family is the relationship between husband and wife, followed by the relationship between parents and children.

the relationship between husband and wife is the foundation of the family. Only with a solid foundation can the branches and leaves flourish.

No matter from the traditional view or from the modern psychological and physiological point of view, the wife is the core of the family.

she is responsible for having children, connecting the family blood, maintaining the family relationship and inheriting the family culture, which plays a decisive role in the family atmosphere.

A woman in the family always has a smile on her face, so the family's life will not be bad.

raising a wife is the greatest contribution a man can make to his family.

when many people watch "my daughter", they are attracted by Jiao Junyan: she is optimistic, confident, independent and rational, and her logic is clear.

and when I saw Jiao Junyan's parents, I suddenly realized that only such a loving couple can have such excellent children.

Jiao Junyan bought a kudzu cake, but before he could eat it, Jiao's father grabbed it and broke it off and fed it to Jiao's mother.

when she got out of the car, Mother Jiao shouted, "do me a favor, old man."

Dad Jiao put down the things in his hand, bent down and helped his mother tie his shoes.

psychologist Wu Zhihong said:

"Children are happy to see their parents fall in love, rather than competing for love with their children.

if parents fall in love, the child will feel at ease to be a happy child. "

therefore, to raise a wife is to raise children.


A modern woman who understands

has a kitchen in the hall, money can be earned, meals can be made by herself, light bulbs and computers can be repaired by themselves, and children can be raised by themselves.

they seem to be omnipotent, but they feel that there are few happy people.

because of the lack of an understanding.

wives can and are willing to give for the sake of their family.

but they are afraid of being ignored and no one can understand what they are doing.

therefore, the first thing to know about the enrichment of a wife is to understand it.

even a look, a word of concern, a hug.

this understanding is enough to make all the hard work worthwhile.

in wife's Romantic Journey, Huo Siyan almost bled to death when she talked about her life and hum.

sitting aside, du Jiang said with wet eyes:

"everyone says that she is a little princess, loves to buy clothes and spends money, and is coquettish. But in fact, she is a very strong and powerful woman. "

it turns out that behind du Jiang's strength to spoil his wife is a deep understanding.

I don't take it for granted that my wife should have children or do housework, but I can deeply appreciate the kindness and difficulty in it.

such a husband, no matter how ordinary, is better than a billionaire.


it takes time

A few years ago there was a news hit.

Japanese actress Mayi Sato married a wealthy businessman from Taiwan

her husband gives her 110000 yuan a month for living expenses, but she hasn't been home for a long time, and her marriage is suspected to be on the rocks.

at that time, the Internet was boiling, and many netizens joked:

"who gives me such a husband, he can get his living expenses for nothing without waiting on him!"

A joke is a joke. If there is a good husband who takes care of his family, he won't change it even if he is beaten to death.

money is a good thing, but what's the point of having more money without people?

the highest level of enrichment for a husband to his wife is not to give money, but to give time.

there is a very moving book called Pingru Meitang: our Story.

this is a collection of works by Rao Pingru in memory of his wife Mao Meitang.

from the first meeting to the last parting, it is very touching to read.

what impressed me most was that when Meitang got uremia, Ping Ru made a home-made peritoneal dialysis equipment at home.

before each dialysis, rigorous sterilization needs to be done: clean the room, clean the ceiling, spray formalin and illuminate with ultraviolet light for half an hour.

four times a day, for four years, Ping Ru has never made a mistake!

such a tedious work only allows his wife to treat her safely at home, and Rao Pingru never complains.

in 2008, when Meitang left, it was even a pity: I thought I could hold on for more than ten years, but I didn't expect it.

and a husband's enrichment of his wife is to give away his trivial and precious time.


enrichment is a responsibility

in 2020, there are still many men who think: I am in charge of making money, you are in charge of the family.

sounds like man, but it's really male chauvinism.

the fact is that most of the time, men spend their lives at work in the name of making money, calling friends outside under the guise of socializing.

when I was tired of playing outside, I went home in the name of "I am all for this family", pretending to be my lord and asking his wife to serve tea and water.

but it never occurred to me that my wife had to work, and she had to take care of her children and do housework when she came back.

after watching a piece of news, a Mr. Meng from Anhui asked a reporter for help: his wife has run away from home for more than a month. I hope she can go home as soon as possible.

when it comes to the reason why his wife ran away from home, Mr. Meng has some remorse.

the child is 2 years old and is always crying late at night, so the wife has to get up and play with the child.

but the noise disturbed his rest, so he yelled at his wife for a few words.

in countless silent nights, there are countless mothers who accompany and nurse their babies.

but how many dads can fight side by side?

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when many women become mothers, their temper becomes worse, and gradually, the whole family is full of gunpowder.

in the final analysis, it is forced by life, but no one shares it.

the TV series "Dayyan" said:

there is a very popular variety show called "Men who do housework".

because there are women who imagine what a happy family looks like.

Yuan Hong will get up early and make breakfast when his wife Zhang Xianyi and her children are still asleep.

then wake the wife up for breakfast and take care of the children on her own.

seeing that my wife didn't sleep well, I gave her a massage.


Zhang Xianyi only needs to eat well and nurse the baby well, and give the rest to Yuan Hong.

many men always think that their responsibility to the family is only to earn a salary.

and now women can also earn money to support their families. what they hope is that when they get home and face a lot of housework and children's food, drinking and studies, they are not alone.

they hope that if they have a person around, they can answer when they call him.

they want a down-to-earth feeling, just like Zhang Ziyi said to Huang Xiaoming in "No questions about the West":

to raise a wife is to make her feel dependent and hopeful in the final analysis.

makes her feel that life is hard, but it is sweet in her heart.

A husband who can raise his wife is kind and lucky.

because, as the English proverb goes, "happy wife, happy life." "