If you can carry it clearly, you'd better be lucky.

/August 2022


writer Jia Pingwa wrote a story:

A friend stutters and speaks slowly. One day when someone asked for directions on the road, he stuttered unexpectedly, and his friend didn't say a word.

after I asked him why he didn't say, his friend replied, "people stutter, too. I'm going to answer. That person thinks I'm imitating and teasing."

small details show a thoughtfulness and upbringing for others.

Laozi said: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

it is a rare quality to be "clear" in dealing with people, to think from each other's point of view, and to be self-aware.


it is natural to be popular.

there is an eldest sister in the community who is notoriously "warm-hearted". She can be seen wherever a family needs help.

however, the eldest sister is not very popular, and many people are afraid to avoid her when they see her, because they often do not have a "sense of division".

there was a girl who was 30 and unmarried. The eldest sister was worried for her and asked everyone if she had a suitable introduction, which caused a lot of trouble to the girl.

the old lady from the opposite door complained about her wife. One day she came to the door in person and warned her daughter-in-law to be nice to her mother-in-law, which made the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law even more rigid.

when she saw a couple who had been married for a few years and had no children, she chased after the doctor's business card: "this doctor is good at treating infertility. Go and have a look. You can have a big fat boy next year."

the eldest sister's enthusiasm was so hot that everyone was so disturbed that they all avoided her, just trying to be quiet.

in many cases, there is nothing wrong with wishing others well, but it is the greatest goodwill to refrain from interfering with other people's hands.

I like the sentence

not only for neighbors, but also for relatives and friends. To maintain this sense of scale is not to be indifferent and arrogant, but not to cross the line.

in many cases, the most comfortable relationship is the distance of "a bowl of soup", light but not greasy.

give proper care, "a bowl of soup" is fine. It will not burn them because it is too hot, nor will it cool their hearts because it is too cold.

monthly profit leads to loss, and water overflows. Only by being clear can we create the healthiest and most comfortable relationship.


the writer

writer Diana once said, "if you have everything in your wardrobe, it can only prove that you don't have your own style."

this is a multifarious world. Many people want too much and don't "carry" it. As a result, they lose themselves and end up in vain.

Life is never short of choices, what is lacking is the courage to understand clearly.

Lin Huiyin and Lu Xiaoman of the Republic of China are the sharp contrast between "being able to carry clearly" and "not being able to carry clearly".

in terms of family background, Lin Huiyin is not as good as Lu Xiaoman. Lin is the daughter of an outdoor room and has been discriminated against since childhood, while Lu Xiaoman's father was a well-off family in the late Qing Dynasty.

Lin Huiyin loves to travel and study, so she has always attached importance to the enrichment of spirit and the expansion of her horizons, while Lu Xiaoman has rich resources, but she has not made good use of them properly.

Lin Huiyin decisively chose to spend his life with Liang Sicheng in the face of Xu Zhimo and Jin Yuelin. This story is still being talked about by people.

Lu Xiaoman clearly has a well-matched husband, Wang Geng, but chose red apricot to go out with Xu Zhimo, profligate, indulge in opium, and end up miserably in his old age.

In our collection, little black dress semi formal will surpass your expectation. There are a lot of styles you can choose from.

people who can carry clearly live well because they know that they can't have both, so they know what to let go and what to fight for.

people who are confused are wayward, hesitant and hesitant at some important stages of life, delaying themselves in worrying about their gains and losses, and then repent later.

to be a man, you are self-aware.

only by recognizing what you really want, daring to make choices, putting yourself in the right position, and firmly taking your own path, can you have real freedom and control the direction of your life.

only when you interact with people clearly can you behave politely; only when you make continuous choices and make clear decisions can you advance and retreat properly.

Life is like a fog, carrying it clearly and giving itself a blue sky.

the more you live, the luckier you are.