It is providence to meet, and it is the will of people to keep each other.

/August 2022

all over the world, people come and go, many people come, accompany you for a walk, and then go.

in the process of meeting and parting again and again, I gradually understand that

meet in heaven and stay with people.

whether two people can meet, it may depend on fate;

but how far two people can go depends on each other.


all encounters are providence

Sakyamuni said: "No matter who you meet, it is the right person in your life."

We have met countless people in our life, and we may meet new people anytime, anywhere.

some meet, one eye ten thousand years, hand in hand for a lifetime;

and some meet, in a hurry accompanied by a journey and then separated.

in any case, meeting is accidental and inevitable;

all the encounters in life are predestined.

just like what Zhang ailing said:

"among thousands of people, you meet the person you want to meet.

in the boundless wilderness of thousands of years,

catch up with you neither earlier nor a bit too late."

Life has a long way to go, no matter who we meet, we can't avoid it.

everyone we meet is providence, and we are supposed to meet in this life.

it's like meeting Boya as a child and passing on her bosom friend through the ages; Bai Niang fell in love with Xu Xian at first sight and tied the knot; Li Bai met du Fu and fell in love with each other at first sight.

in the vast sea of people, who will you meet? somehow God has a plan, and no one will appear in your life for no reason.

as the saying goes, looking back 500 times in a previous life leads to an once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

people meet each other, how lucky, how rare, and do and cherish.


meet in heaven, stay in people

in this life, it is easy to meet, but difficult to defend each other.

meet for a moment, but we stay together for a long time.

in life, how many feelings there are, things are different;

around, how many relationships, walking is like a stranger.

A vast sea of people, people meet, there is God's guidance, however, can not be separated from the two sides know and cherish each other.

it is providence to meet; it is man's will to keep each other.

many people envy the husband and wife life of Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang. They have met and stayed together for decades, and their affection is still the same as in the past.

in life, Qian Zhongshu only has academic research in mind, knows nothing about household chores, often makes a lot of own things, and Yang Jiang always takes care of the aftermath silently.

but Qian Zhongshu, who "doesn't touch the spring water with ten fingers," takes the initiative to learn chicken soup for his wife's sake.

in fact, no matter what kind of relationship comes to the end, it is inseparable from the painstaking management of both sides.

I think of Master Xu Yun's way of getting along.

at that time, Master Xuyun, who was already 113 years old, still insisted on having a sincere conversation with the visitors to the temple and personally watched them leave.

someone asked him, "excuse me, Master, why do you receive everyone so warmly?"

Master Xu Yun replied: "every encounter is fate and should be treated with gratitude."

Yes, all the destinies in the world are so precious that they should be treated seriously with gratitude.

Don't forget that meeting depends on fate and sincerity.

No matter what kind of feelings, if you do not know how to cherish, no matter how good fate will break up, no matter how deep feelings will fade, and no matter how warm the heart will be cool.

No matter who you meet, since you are predestined to meet each other, you must treat each other sincerely. Only in this way can you live up to this encounter.


the way to get along with each other lies in sincerity

as the old saying goes, "the true one is sincere, not sincere, not moving."

this is true. Only by treating each other sincerely can we move people's hearts. No matter who you get along with, sincerity is the most valuable and cherishing each other is the rarest.

Slip into the elegant collection of nude bridesmaid gown. Why don’t you pick the cheap but high quality dress?

only when you give your heart, can you get the same true feelings.

at the end of the 1920s, when the American economy was in crisis, many small and medium-sized enterprises were difficult to continue to operate and were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Clinton's gear factory is facing the same difficulty. When there is nothing he can do, he wants to write to a friend for help and give himself some advice.

but then he thought that now that he could no longer afford stamps, how could others be willing to spend money on stamps to reply to letters?

to this end, Clinton sold her family's belongings, bought a lot of stamps, and included $2 in all her letters as a reply fee.

when his friends received the letter, they were all moved by the $2 in the envelope and offered advice to Clinton to help him tide over his difficulties.

the best way to get along with others is to change your heart.

the person who treats you with a sincere heart is worth responding with your heart.

No one wants to see it. I turned my heart to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch.

if you are true to me, I will be true to you; if you pretend, I will not foolishly cater to you again.

to get along with others, it all depends on one heart.

sincere, the simplest, and the most valuable.

in any relationship, only by treating each other sincerely can the relationship last forever.

when people get along with each other, the most helpless thing is: every time I read the poem Nalan Xingde, I can't help but feel a lot of emotion.

it is not easy to meet each other.

some feelings drifted away with the wind before they had time to take them seriously; many people do not meet them.And cherish, turn around and walk away.

people are lucky to meet a few bosom friends who can talk to each other all their lives.

May you treat each other sincerely, cherish each other with your heart, and don't let this fate drift away.