Li Meijin: grades and school district housing do not have the greatest impact on children.

/July 2022

during the Spring Festival, relatives and friends get together, and the children's test scores inevitably become the focus of attention.

as the saying goes, every point on the playground.

parents pin their hopes on their children, who are racing against time and suffering in the exercises of the sea of books.

looking back on this year, how many children had physical problems because of heavy schoolwork, even ended their lives because of poor grades, and how many parents were overwhelmed by tutoring their children's homework.

is the child's grade really more important than anything else?

some time ago, Professor Li Meijin mentioned in her speech:

before the age of 10, parents must pay attention to their children's psychological education and character cultivation, rather than just focusing on grades.

Personality with character as the core determines a child's life, so parents should pay attention to personality education and character cultivation.

I think so.

in fact, in the growth of a child, the most important thing is not his grade, nor how many interest classes he has signed up for, let alone the school district room, but that parents pay attention to these 16 aspects before the child is 10 years old.


the beginning of education is to learn to respect children

educator Tao Xingzhi once gave a lecture at Wuhan University.

as soon as he stepped onto the podium, he took a big rooster out of the cage without saying a word.

next, he sprinkled a handful of rice on the table, and then he pressed the rooster's head and forced it to eat the rice on the table.

the rooster crows all the time, but he doesn't eat.

Tao Xingzhi opened the rooster's mouth again and stuffed the rice into the rooster's mouth. The rooster resisted desperately but still refused to eat.

finally, Tao Xingzhi loosened the rooster, and it wasn't long before the chicken began to eat rice.

Education is like feeding a chicken. If you force your child to learn, his heart is reluctant. Even if he studies hard, he will not eat.

but if you respect him and let him learn freely, the effect will be much better.


parents with high EQ, encourage their children

parents with low EQ, and crack down on their children

in the TV series "Youth pie". Lin Miaomiao's mother always likes to compare high achiever's money Trinity with her daughter.

belittling education is not the motivation for parents to motivate their children to climb upward.

No child wants to be compared.

as the saying goes: a foot is short and an inch is strong.

instead of always comparing "other people's children", it's better to tell your own children that you're fine, too.


parents with full marks look at the process

parents who fail to see the results

on the way of raising their children, remember not to judge heroes by success or failure.

Education expert Wang Renping once said:

can a child really determine the process of his efforts to make progress if he fails in an exam?

only focus on the results, do not pay attention to the process, you can not see the child's efforts, can not fully accept the child.

the root of education lies in the process, not the result.


far-sighted parents

know how to think of others

there is a famous psychological experiment called "projection effect".

means that people are used to projecting and imposing their emotions, will and characteristics on others.

this is a common problem for many parents.

parents like to stand from the adult's point of view and impose their ideas on their children.

it is mentioned in the Theory of Freedom: "he who only knows himself but not the other knows little about himself."

far-sighted parents know how to think of others with their children.


parents' companionship is the most expensive nourishment

companionship is not just "companionship", real companionship requires spiritual communication and spiritual coexistence.

this kind of companionship is meaningful companionship.

just like Fu Lei and his son Fu Cong, although they are thousands of miles apart, father and son often express their condolences with letters from home, and they have a very deep relationship.

the company of letters from home is not only verbal sympathy and concern, but also heart-to-heart communication and exchange.

A good education must come from the companionship and love that parents spend time with.

think what you think, think what you think, can be closer to you.


bottom line education

both boys and girls, these four bottom lines of education are indispensable.

bottom line of money: teach children to be independent.

body bottom line: never hurt your body.

emotional bottom line: don't sacrifice yourself without a bottom line to please someone who doesn't love you.

bottom line of life: life is above all else, and you can't give up your life at any time.

bottom line education is a "magic weapon" that every parent should teach their children and become the amulet of their life.


an excellent circle of friends

Children benefit all their lives

the so-called "those who are close to ink are red, those who are close to ink are black".

A good circle of friends determines what kind of people children know, what kind of friends they make, and what kind of people they become.

A good circle of friends allows children to broaden their horizons, make good friends, learn from their strengths, and benefit for the rest of their lives.


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parents fall in love

is the best family education

there is no love, which is not enough to form a "family".

Dad versus MomThe attitude determines the temperature of the family.

Sun Jingxiu, a child educator, once said:

A loving family can give children sufficient nutrients.

parents fall in love is the best family education for their children.


teach students in accordance with their aptitude

every child has his own blue sky

in the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump has been mentally and physically handicapped since childhood.

he was born lame. In his childhood, his friends laughed at him, and no one wanted to play with him.

but Forrest Gump's mother never gave up on him. In the face of other people's strange eyes, his mother told him:

when Forrest Gump faced every defeat in his life, his mother always stood behind him and encouraged him. And Forrest Gump also in his mother's selfless love, finally counterattacked and became a millionaire.

in fact, every child is a seed, but the florescence is different. As long as you irrigate and care carefully, one day all the good things will come as expected.


not bound by standard answers

Bai Yansong once said:

Einstein discovered the theorem of universal gravitation because of curiosity. Edison invented the light bulb because of curiosity.

A child's curiosity is as precious as gold. Pay attention to his every question so that the child will not destroy everyone.


parents are the best teachers for their children

parents are the best teachers for their children. What kind of person do you want your child to be? first of all, you have to be such a person.

educationist Sukhomlinski once said:

the child-rearing comes first and the heart is nurtured first.

parents' words and deeds are the only shortcut to their children's growth.


it is unrealistic to teach children not to rely on others

but to rely on their own

education to blindly rely on teachers.

Bai Yansong once said:

every excellent child is inseparable from the hard lifting of his parents.

the most precious love is that parents and children grow up together.

in the way of educating their children, parents should never rely on others, but on themselves.


not letting children make mistakes

is the biggest misunderstanding in education

once heard a story:

there was a man who applied for a job in a company, and the interviewer asked him what mistakes he had made.

he said he had never made a mistake, and as a result, the interview ended in failure.

the interviewer believes that only by recognizing yourself in mistakes can you learn valuable experience.

No one can never make mistakes. Mistakes are not terrible. What matters is that the experiences and lessons we have learned from our mistakes are the most valuable.

parents, please allow our children to make mistakes. No one's success is achieved overnight.

it is not terrible to make mistakes. It is most valuable to learn to reflect on your mistakes.


raising a child is by no means as simple as you think.

frustration education is a compulsory course in every child's life. it teaches children the courage and strength to face adversity.

Fu Lei once said:

IQ determines how fast a child can go, while inverse quotient determines how far a child can go.


in the animated short film the Power of empathy, a fox accidentally falls into a hole.

after the simple and honest bear found that the fox was trapped in the black hole, he did not hesitate to jump into the hole and said nothing, but hugged the frightened fox and made the fox feel that he fully understood her situation.

this is the power of empathy, trying to see things from other people's point of view and understand other people's feelings.

psychologist Erica Lescher said: