Life in wind and rain, hold your own umbrella (wake up after reading)

/August 2022

especially agree with a saying: heaven does not cross people, people need to cross on their own.

think deeply that people live in the world, stumble through the wind and rain, and finally rely on themselves, and the only thing they can never give up is their own strong and brave self.

maybe others can accompany you through a long way and solve problems for you for a while, but you still have to hold your own umbrella in a stormy life.

it is not easy for people to live, they all yearn for a safe haven to rely on, they all yearn for someone to hold an umbrella, and finally see through the reality, see through the hearts of the people, and learn to be their own eaves.

when I reached a certain age, I just realized that the most sense of security is the life that relies on my own umbrella.


rely on your own life, the most confident

wind and rain life, if not on their own, who will give you to rely on, who will always protect you, for you to solve problems.

one day parents will grow old and can no longer be our safe haven. If we do not strengthen ourselves, who can support us and how to support them for a day?

everything given by others is not your own after all. Only through your own efforts can you feel at ease, do not worry about gain or loss, and do not have to worry about anyone's leaving.

Don't always think about relying on others. Everyone has their own responsibilities, everyone has their own things to do, and no one will always be your backer.

to survive in society, you still have to improve yourself, make yourself capable, have capital, and be strong enough to live without grievances, let alone being dependent on others.

remember, people in this life, will not always be plain sailing, always learn to plan in advance, learn to plan for themselves, so that they live independently, live a wonderful life, so that they will not panic when the ordeal comes.

the years are not always quiet and good, there are always ups and downs in life, try to strengthen yourself, be your own eaves, hold umbrellas for yourself, and live with confidence.

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people need to cross by themselves

Yu Qiuyu said:

the road of life, relying on yourself to take it step by step, what can really protect you is your own life choice.

I have a deep experience that everyone's life comes out one step at a time.

in the real society, each has its own helplessness, everyone will be helpless, and no one's life is easy.

Life always depends on yourself. When your scenery is infinitely good, there are always people who flatter you, and when you are down, there are always people who denigrate you, so why care too much about the eyes of others?

people are alive, if you meet people in the same boat, it is your luck, do not rely on each other, but achieve each other, support each other.

if you blindly cling to others and are not independent ideologically and economically, when that person leaves you, how can you gain a foothold in society and survive? People, holding their own umbrella, relying on their own is the king.

A person who is on his own, no matter how bitter and tired life is, at least has sense of security in his heart.

God will surely favor those who run in the rain. As long as we strive for progress, we will not worry about the inaction of life.

rely on their own life, may be very tired, there may be a lot of helplessness, but also will become more and more brave and strong.

it is better to rely on others than on ourselves. when we live on our own efforts, we are always unswerving.

Life made by oneself is the most beautiful, and everything you have is the most secure.


learn to walk alone, no matter whether you have someone to accompany

want to live comfortably, you must learn to let go of the happiness you want, and strive for your own hard work.

the best way to live a person's life is to be strong, to be your own patron, to live without looking at others, and to live without being attached to others.

you treat each other sincerely, I reply you sincerely, you are half-hearted, I will not treat you sincerely.

become their own backing, wind and rain life with their own umbrella, will not be afraid of whose departure and worry about gains and losses, will not be sad because of who's snub.

there is only one chance in life, and there is no room for us to waste our time, go our own way and work hard on our own.

on the road of life in wind and rain, there is happiness and sorrow, and prosperity is bound to have adversity. No matter at that stage of life, we must firmly believe, neither humble nor arrogant, no matter how great the tribulations are, we have to carry them through, hold umbrellas for ourselves, and cheer for our lives.

No effort, no gain. As long as you live with your heart, there will be a better tomorrow waiting for us.

No one can be trusted, unless you are useful, don't overestimate your relationship with anyone, don't underestimate yourself, live a good life, and love yourself.

in a life of wind and rain, only when you are strong enough to be your own eaves and learn to hold your own umbrella, can you be fearless.