Life is expensive. Don't be poisoned by emotion.

/July 2022

if you suddenly want to get angry with everyone, you don't feel well with your health, family, or work.

that must be noticed. You may have been poisoned by your emotions.

in traditional Chinese medicine, emotions are divided into seven kinds: joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear and surprise.

but "anger hurts the liver, likes to be sad, wants to hurt the spleen, sorrows the lungs, and fears the kidney".

although the poison of each emotion is colorless and tasteless, it can penetrate the internal organs.

it will not only poison your body, but also affect your family, and even ruin your future.

Life is only more than 30,000 days, very short and expensive. Don't let emotions poison your precious life.


A bad mood poisons your body all the time

according to statistics, more than 70% of more than 200 diseases are related to emotion.

all diseases in the world are poisoned by bad emotions.

once in life, anger, anger, sadness and depression will increase the burden on the body's immune system.

after accumulating again and again, the immune system is overwhelmed, and serious illness will come to the door.

the most common serious cases caused by emotion are depression and breast cancer.

according to World Health Organization (WHO) 's statistics, as many as 1 million people commit suicide due to depression in the world every year, while the number of people with depression in China has reached 90 million.

Depression has become the second largest human disease after cardio-cerebrovascular disease.

some time ago, Aunt Zhang, a neighbor, always frowned and stayed with her son for fear that he wouldn't get over it.

it turns out that the 14-year-old Aunt Zhang's son confessed that a female classmate had been rejected and suffered a heavy blow, which led to depression.

We can't help feeling that now that the economy is improving, children's affordability and emotional management are so poor.

he began to shut himself in the house, not talking, not going to school, not eating, and unwilling to communicate with anyone.

this situation lasted for two weeks, but Aunt Zhang was so worried that she secretly wiped away her tears and had no choice but to ask the teacher for help.

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the teacher invited a psychiatrist to instruct her at home. Through the preliminary test, Aunt Zhang's son was diagnosed with mild depression.


in only 2 weeks, the poison of emotion has grown into mild depression. If you are sad and angry for a long time, the consequences of anger will be unimaginable.

teacher Wang Hengjin once showed that "teenagers have a high incidence of depression."

it's really worrying. I really have to be on guard against the harmful effects of bad mood on my body.

remember the 32-year-old girl who was diagnosed with breast cancer and said sadly, "stop being angry, you're really going to die"?

Breast cancer was diagnosed at the age of 32 after losing his temper and sulking because of the trivialities in his daily marriage and the problem of children's education.

32-year-old life has just begun, but almost regret to say goodbye to this beautiful world.

so another terrible name for sulking is "cancer personality".

the anger you have been angry with will eventually be reflected in your body.

A long-term bad mood can really cost a person's precious life.


bad emotions continue to erode your family

Happy families are the same, but unhappy families are different.

on New Year's Eve's night, I browsed a video:

A girl did not come home for five years for the Spring Festival, just because she was afraid of facing her parents' quarrels and the unwarm scene.

she said that the video would be scolded as unfilial, but she still insisted on posting it.

there is a very piercing saying, "some parents are parents, but some parents are really not parents."

what kind of pain can make her prefer to stay alone in a rented house to be alone rather than go home.

what kind of despair would make her risk being spurned to express her feelings that not all parents are parents.

this reminds me of Su Mingyu's father slandering Mingyu to hurt him at the police station, and I can't help but sigh, "how could there be such a father?"

seeing the aggressive appearance of Fang Xijin's mother asking for money, she couldn't help but wonder, "how could a mother treat her children like this?"

they all have one thing in common: verbal abuse and moral kidnapping of children.

there are also some such parents in life. When their children don't get good grades, they immediately yell, "Why are you so incompetent?"

these knife-like words hurt not only the child's self-esteem, but also himself.

originally the closest person, but let the bad mood become the most unfamiliar person.

extreme emotions tend to erode an otherwise complete family, virtually widening the distance between them and their children.

Children who grow up in an environment where their parents often quarrel will have low self-esteem, will be extremely lack of sense of security, and even autistic.

there is a classic line in the recent hit "Hello, Li Huanying":

simple 14 words contain too much tolerance, too much love, too much giving.

for children to grow up healthily and happily, parents must first have a good mood.

communicate well and get along harmoniously. Naturally, children will be happy.

many women often lose their temper at home over trifles.

in the end, the husband was bored and the child was far away, but he gave everything but was disliked.

and many men suffer grievances outside and come home to yell at their wives and children. in the end, their feelings fade and their families break up.

how many feelings are defeated by not talking well, and how many families are defeated by bad emotions.

how many children's innocence died when their parents quarreled and quarreledThe night when I broke something and my face was hideous.


A bad mood will eventually ruin a precious life

in fact, all bad moods end up paying for themselves, and the terrible thing about bad moods lies in their chain reaction.

Xiaoxin graduated from 985 key university and is the key training object of a listed company.

because of her quick adaptability and learning ability, she is deeply appreciated by the leaders.

her salary is higher than that of ordinary college students, and her position is also a key position.

just when the head of the company decided to promote her, she began to neglect her work because of emotional problems and lost her temper all day.

complain about their feelings to everyone.