Manage emotions (good text in depth)

/August 2022

people are emotional animals, and they often make irreparable choices at the moment of emotion.

Learning to control and manage emotions is a person's top EQ.

only one can control emotions and life.


the ancients used to say: get carried away.

the more favorable a person is, the easier it is to make promises when he is happy and satisfied.

easy words must be untrustworthy.

the easier the promise, the more problematic a person's credibility will be.

over time, no one wants to believe him.

during the Spring and Autumn period, Qi Xianggong worried that King Zhou would send troops to crusade.

so two generals were sent to guard the border.

before leaving, the two generals asked Qi Xianggong: when can I return it to Korea?

Qi Xianggong was eating melons and was having a good time, so he casually replied: when the melons are ripe again, I will send someone else to replace you.

the following year, Qi Xianggong forgot about this matter.

the border was bitter and cold, and the two generals complained, so they sent someone to send melons to Qi Xianggong, hinting that he would keep his promise.

as a result, Qi Xianggong did not intend to recall them at all.

in a fit of anger, the two generals rebelled, killed Duke Qi Xianggong and re-elected the monarch.

there are also many such people in life.

when I got drunk at the wine bureau, I said yes, but I couldn't do it later.

lost a friend in vain and lost his faith.

A big joy is apt to lose its words, and a big lie is apt to break its promise.

when a person is too happy, it is easy to make careless promises.

if the promise is not fulfilled, it will lead to unnecessary disaster.

so keep your mouth shut when you are happier.


Don't argue when angry

there is a prime minister in the Song Dynasty named Fu Bi, who is famous for being good at debating.

one day, a poor scholar stopped Fu Bi in the street and said, "I hear you are eloquent. Let me ask you a question."

Fu Bi knew that the comer was bad, but he could not ignore it, so he had to let him speak.

the scholar asked, "what will you do if someone scolds you?"

Fu Bi replied, "I will pretend not to hear."

the scholar looked at him with disdain: "for you to be familiar with the four Books and five Classics, it turned out to be nothing but a tortoise!"

Fu Bi was not angry or angry, and really ignored the insults of the scholar.

the scholar was so bored that he brushed his sleeves and left.

Fu Bi's servant was angry: "this man is so rude, why don't you open your mouth to refute him?"

Fu Bi replied, "this man came obviously with anger. If I argue with him, I must be blushing. Even if he was defeated by the quarrel, he was not convinced. Why should I contend with him when it is so futile? "

angry people are irrational.

talking to an irrational person will become an irrational person sooner or later.

if two people quarrel with each other, they will only hurt each other.

when anger comes, be sure to learn to "leave".

leave the angry situation, leave the angry place, and wait until the mood calms down before making plans.

Carnegie once said, "the only way to win an argument is to avoid it."

timely avoidance and silence is a person's wisdom and self-cultivation.


the stronger and more stable a person is, the less willing he is to expose his wounds to others.

No one will treat you differently for complaining and crying.

Mrs. Xianglin, written by Lu Xun, lost her child.

complain to everyone and complain everywhere.

at the beginning, people listened attentively to a few words in return for comfort and sympathy.

later, people got tired of her chatter and chose to stay away when they saw her.

people can't ask for understanding, but they want respect.

when you are down, don't release negative energy unscrupulously.

digest the pain of life in your heart and let it become your own nourishment.

Zuo Zongtang was a young genius and won Juren in his teens.

but in the more than ten years since then, the road of imperial examinations has been bumpy, and there has been no Zhongjinshi.

the glare and ridicule of the people around him did not wear away his will.

instead of complaining about his fate, he kept on reading and writing.

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even without fame, he was still appreciated by Zeng Guofan.

from one person to one province.

when the sky does not cross people, people need to cross on their own.

only by clenching your teeth can we finally overcome all difficulties.

those who can't kill you can become a better person.


tiredness leads to an end

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "there is no beginning, but fresh grams have an end."

means that most people get off to a good start, but few people make it to the end.

travel a hundred miles, half ninety.

in many cases, people lose not to the outside world, but to themselves.

inner tiredness and laziness will make a person give up halfway and lose great opportunities and opportunities.

Zeng Guofan was impetuous and lazy when he was young.

the head of the vegetable market is killing him. He is going to see it, and his friend is going to play cards.

there is a strong wind blowing sand in the capital, and there is no one in the street.He still strolls down the street.

after the age of 30, he set his ambition, reading and doing exercises every day without interruption.

in order to supervise himself, he circulated his diary to his brothers and nephews.

during the march, you must also fall asleep after reading.

the day before he died, he was still keeping a diary.

it is this persistence that enables him to accomplish what many smart people look forward to.

in the Book of morality, it is said: "caution is the same as the beginning, there is no failure."

overcoming the sense of burnout is the key to the success of the result.

A good beginning and an end makes nothing impossible; if it ends badly, nothing is accomplished.

whenever you start to slack off, remind yourself not to give up easily.

the more persistence, the less regret.

there is a sentence in Bateer's "random words":

everyone has moments of emotional loss of control, rage and ecstasy.

learn to be silent, to persevere, and to be patient, so that one can really control his emotions and control his life.