Never destroy your own fengshui.

/July 2022

there is a traditional Chinese saying: one life, two games, three fengshui.

"fate" is often doomed, but "fengshui" can be changed. However, the so-called "good fengshui" is that people make their lives better and better through the improvement of external conditions.

of all fengshui, the first fengshui is man, and man's first fengshui is heart.

it is said in "Fan Si Xun" that all Fukuda is not separated from the square inch.

the square inch is our heart, and our hearts contain all Fukuda. Whether this Fukuda is pioneering, ploughing or abandoned, it all depends on ourselves.

the real good fengshui and good life is actually the nobility of our hearts.

the rich bought a piece of land, built a villa, and found a master to go to the house to see fengshui.

along the way, if there is a car behind to overtake, the rich all avoid, and said: "overtaking people are mostly urgent, let them go first."

when we got to town, the tycoon slowed down. A child laughed and rushed out of the alley, the rich brake avoided and stopped in the same place, and the rich man smiled and explained: "Children chase and fight, there must be someone behind, wait a minute."

when we arrived at the villa, the rich man was about to open the door when seven or eight birds suddenly flew up in the backyard. The rich man stopped at the door and asked the master to wait a moment before entering.

the master was surprised, the rich man smiled and said, "there must be children playing in the trees in the yard. Now go in and scare them. It's not good to fall."

the master was silent for a moment, then turned to the rich man and said, "take me back, there is no need to look at the fengshui of this house."

this time it was the rich man's turn to be surprised: "Why did the master say that?"

the master replied with emotion: "wherever you are, it is a good place with fengshui."

geomantic omen is a blessed place for people to live in. If you are a blessed person, the place where you live must be a blessed place. If the place where you live is not a blessed land, you can also live in a blessed land.

the best fengshui is character. We all know that fengshui nourishes people, but we don't know that people also raise fengshui.

A person with a noble mind will reveal the quality of elegance in every move; in a society with noble morality, the streets and alleys will show the warmth of harmony; a nation of integrity and nobility must be a nation to be respected and worshipped.

good fengshui is repaired by yourself. If you know how to be strict with yourself and benefit others, fengshui is naturally good.

1. Good character brings good popularity

those with good character will get the respect, gratitude and help of the people around them, so they have accumulated popularity, and a popular person is bound to do things like a fish in water everywhere, so feng shui is naturally good.

2. Good character brings good opportunities

as the saying goes, "he who wins the hearts of the people wins the world." good character is bound to win the hearts of the people, and only by winning the hearts of the people can we open up more channels, get more information, get more resources, and gain more help from others. to find more opportunities.

3. Good character brings good habits

A person with good character will be positive, frank and generous, down-to-earth and reliable, and treat others sincerely. His good character will become his habit little by little, change his way of thinking and attitude, influence and shape his life.

4. Good character brings good mood

people with good character deserve their actions and hearts every day, eat and sleep well, and people around them respect them. How can they be in a bad mood?

like to give, there are more and more blessings;

likes to be grateful, there are more and more successes;

likes to help others, there are more and more expensive people;

likes to complain, there are more and more troubles;

likes contentment, there are more and more happiness;

likes to escape, but there are more and more failures;

likes to share, there are more and more friends;

likes to be angry, there are more and more diseases.

if you like to speculate, there will be more and more poverty;

you will be more and more rich if you like to give money;

if you like to enjoy happiness, you will suffer more and more pain; and

you will have more and more wisdom if you like to learn.

Life is given by parents, cherish the point;

the road is taken by yourself, be careful;

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wife is a godsend, love point;

friends are mutual, help each other;

happiness is perceived, take it easy;

worry is self-asked, forgetful;

mindset is practiced and peaceful;

friendship is cultivated and pure;

success is paid, try your best.

failure is inevitable, so take it easy!

Dream: don't go too deep! It's too deep to wake up;

words: don't be too full! When it's full, it's hard to get through;

tune: don't set it too high! When it is high, it is difficult to be in harmony;

thing: you can't do it too well! Absolutely, it is difficult to advance or retreat;

Love: don't get too deep! It's too deep to extricate yourself;

Leigh: don't take it too seriously! Heavy, difficult to understand the will;

person: can not be too fake! It's fake, it's hard to talk to each other!

so, the most important fengshui has nothing to do with external things, it all depends on your own character.

when a person actively does good, worthy of heaven and earth, worthy of his own conscience, he can accumulate his own fengshui, so that he can live a safe life and everything goes well.

stop complaining about your bad feng shui, the best feng shui is your character.

Don't do anything bad, even if it's inconspicuous, don't give up doing good even if it's not important. If the character fails, the fengshui will be broken. If you have enough character, fengshui will come naturally.