Please tell your children: when you get married, don't look for these three families!

/July 2022

Marriage is a major event in life, and

is also a major event for two families.

whether the marriage is happy or not depends not only on the relationship between two people, but also on the relationship between two families.

before marriage, through the family situation, we can see the marital status in the future.

the so-called matchmaking is not a feudal reality, but a truth.

being a parent,

has not only the responsibility of raising children, but also the guardianship of children's marriage.

if your children are old enough to talk about marriage, please tell them:

get married, don't find these three families,

otherwise, the marriage will be unhappy and regret for the rest of your life!


Family discord

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A family is full of contradictions.

the most important thing is harmony.

everything is prosperous.

in a harmonious family,

family members must have quality education,

will not stir up trouble, know how to be tolerant and humble, and

integrate into such a family to avoid a lot of worries.

if a family is at odds with each other,

no matter how rich it is, it will decline.

in the long-term quarrel and scolding, the contradiction of

is intensified and there is no emotion at all.

is extremely disadvantageous to the physical and mental growth of the child.

so get married and find a partner, first look at each other's family and disharmony,

harmonious family, the marriage must be happy.


dote on offspring, children are unfilial

the greatest sorrow of a family

is not poor and have no money,

but dote on offspring,

raises ungrateful children.

it is the nature of parents to love their children, but it is dereliction of duty for parents to dote on their children.

Children who grow up in doting

are selfish, unruly and capricious.

even if they grow up and get married, they cannot afford to support their families.

families that dote on their offspring,

their children are mostly unfilial,

everything is self-centered,

take the efforts of others for granted,

don't know how to be grateful and give back, and they are most likely to get into bad habits.

to marry the children of such a family,

everything is the most tiring.


lack of diligence and frugality, love and dislike of work

in a family, diligence and thrift leads to wealth, laziness leads to failure.

family members who are not industrious and frugal,

do not want to make progress, do not strive for progress,

lazy, love and hate work,

will become social pests, and

will bring disaster to the family and humiliate the family.

the children who grow up in such families

are doomed to accomplish nothing and be poor.

even if you get married,

is idle, gluttonous and lazy.

because you have no money, you are in debt.

you are in constant trouble because of your bad habits.

choosing them as companions is a curse.

Marriage is not a child's play.

Marriage must be cautious.

the marriage of one generation is good or bad, and

determines the happiness of three generations.

Marriage depends not only on feelings, but also on family circumstances.

take good care of marriage for children.

is to benefit them and accumulate benefits for themselves.

only by choosing children with good family style and moral conduct,

their own children will be happy all their lives, and

can their old age be carefree!