Reading can solve 80% of life's troubles.

/August 2022

not long ago, when I was watching the variety show "Hello Life", I found that the knowledgeable sa Beining was also asked.

in this program, when he and the program group went to Hainan to promote the protection of the sea, they met a group of children who were reading and learning on a seaside boat.

so they joined in, trying to encourage people to protect the ocean by giving their children some ocean-related questions.

but unexpectedly, these children not only answered fluently, but also came up with questions to test them. for a moment, they were baffled by their children's questions.

it turns out that the children here often read in this "sea study" and have already accumulated knowledge related to the sea.

this is probably the charm of reading, increasing knowledge, understanding the world, and broadening our horizons.

the motto of this study is: "read which page the wind blows."

it's good to open a book. You don't have to think too much about reading. You can read it anytime, anywhere.

as the writer Herzen said:

the purpose of reading is not to achieve much, but to give you an inner strength when you are dragged into the quagmire of life.

gives you the courage to fight against all kinds of difficulties in life and move towards a better life.

Books are like medicine. Reading them well can cure fools and solve puzzles.


read books when you are confused.

I have read such a sentence:

in our lives, we occasionally feel at a loss and do not know where the future will go.

find a book to read at this time, listen to other people's opinions, and broaden your horizons.

the famous host Bai Yansong, you see, he is good at hosting the program on stage and can cope with it easily.

as everyone knows, there were times when he had inferiority complex and felt confused.

in his book Bai Shuo, he said that he became the host of the son of the East at the age of 25.

but at that time, he did not have much experience, and his knowledge reserve was not rich enough. in the face of the corporate elites and well-known figures interviewed, he had some inferiority complex and even panicked. During that time, he fell into anxiety and began to wonder if he was not fit to be a host.

at this time, he accidentally flipped through the book Zeng Guofan, from which he saw the way of life of a generation of famous officials.

Zeng Guofan will actively face any problems and will go all out when he chooses, which deeply touches Bai Yansong.

he realized that no one is perfect and that people are constantly improving themselves to make themselves better.

since we have chosen this road, we will only go forward in spite of wind and rain, instead of giving up when we encounter problems.

later, he began to read widely, increase his knowledge reserve and enrich his brain.

later, when he faced the big names in the industry again, he was already at ease and at ease.

Ludaki said:

We find directions in books and break through the fog before we can recognize ourselves.

Reading when confused is like grasping a life-saving straw in the deep sea, it brings you infinite vitality and hope.


when you are at a low ebb, knowledge can give you strength

Life is like a river, you have to cross it both deep and shallow.

being at a low ebb is not necessarily a bad thing. If you make good use of this time to accumulate strength, you will have a chance to reach the top of your life.

Zhang Liyong, a Tsinghua English magic chef from a poor family, once dropped out of school early to work for his younger brother and sister to earn a living.

the tiring work on the construction site and the narrow dormitory did not repel his determination to continue his study.

under heavy pressure, he persisted in reading, did not have time to compress the time for eating and sleeping, and looked for motivation in books.

finally, with his efforts, he won the certificate of CET-4 and CET-6 and a TOEFL score of 630.

from the king of cutting vegetables in the Tsinghua canteen to the chief lecturer "English Chef" today, Zhang Liyong successfully walked out of the trough and stood on the peak of life by reading.

the charm of reading is something like this: when you are hit hard in your life and hit hard in your heart, you can always build up strength by reading and pave a way for yourself to climb.

just like actor Hu GE, he was unfortunately involved in a car accident at the peak of his career and fell into the double frustration of not shooting and fighting the pain.

during bed recuperation, Hu GE chose to read books to enrich his life and heart.

in the most depressed and helpless years, it was reading that took him through the sea of suffering and regained the meaning of life.

he said that if the skin is difficult to repair, fill it with your mind.

Reading is a rock in a valley, laying the way under your feet, setting up an upward ladder, lifting you from the bottom of the valley to the top of the mountain.


read books when you encounter problems.

Kafka once said:

A book is a good book if it can solve the problems in your life and find answers in other people's lives.

I once saw a netizen on Zhihu share the story of raising children through reading.

when she was a parent for the first time, she was nervous and at a loss, and she didn't know who to ask for advice.

so she bought all kinds of parenting books and learned while reading.

from the points for attention during pregnancy to the changes of the child between the ages of 0 and 18, she put them on the bookshelf one by one.

when she first took care of the child when she had a question and didn't know who to ask, sheThe first reaction is to turn over a book.

both parenting and reading. Later, I gradually grew up to be an expert in parenting.

people are not omnipotent, they don't know everything. Even if they are rich in learning, they also have blind spots in knowledge.

at this time, it is a good choice to turn to books and learn from other people's knowledge to solve your own problems.

when I was at school, I opened the dictionary if I could not memorize the words, and the knowledge points that I could not remember could be solved immediately by opening the textbook.

after work, I mastered professional knowledge through reading and constantly expanded my knowledge in order to work better.

in life, flip through books and pass the time to make your life fuller.

some people say:

some people say:

some people say:

read some books every day. Life is never too old to learn, so that life will be less troublesome.


read books in your spare time, feel rich and happy.

Sanmao said:

"if you read too many books, your appearance will change naturally. Very often, you may think that many of the books you have read have become fleeting and no longer memorized.

in fact, they are still potential temperament, in conversation, in the boundlessness of mind, of course, they may also be revealed in life and words. "

data show that the average Chinese netizen surfs the Internet for four hours a day. If you spend this time reading, you may be able to finish a thin book.

the weather is sunny and you are in a good mood. Choose a book you like and read it slowly.

it may not bring immediate benefits, but it will accumulate in your mind, and books will be available when they are in use.

as Montesquieu said, to like to read is to replace the lonely time in life with a moment of great enjoyment.

it infinitely fills the palace of knowledge and fills the spiritual world.

singer Li Jian said:

in my opinion, no matter what industry one is engaged in, one should read some books on humanities and social sciences. "

in his view, the meaning of reading is to broaden people's horizons and have a clearer understanding of themselves, rather than arrogance.

standing under the eyes of the public, over the years, he has maintained the good habit of reading, has a clear understanding of himself, is modest, and treats others politely.

you are a student, books can give you a taste of the outside world.

you are an adult, and books can give you a break from life and family troubles and get a moment of leisure.

Reading in your spare time can enrich your life and please your body and mind.

can also make up for the lack of the spiritual world and have the best of both worlds, so why not?

if you steal half a day's leisure, you should read more when you are free.

people often say that it is good to open a book. No matter at any stage of life, it is always useful to read. When

is confused, it is caffeine that stays awake; when

is low, it is the engine that cuts through difficulties; when

is difficult, it is a thruster to accelerate growth; and when

is free, it is a supplement to mental richness.

Zang Kejia said:

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so go to study, meet mentors on the way of life, and go hand in hand with books to the future. It can help you solve most of your life's problems.