Smile to life and spend the rest of your life happily

/July 2022

smile is the sweetest, the warmest; happiness is the most beautiful, happiness is the best!

the poet Tagore said: "when a person smiles, the world will fall in love with him."

A smile is like a spring breeze blowing on people's cheeks; happiness is like wisps of sunshine that warms people's hearts. Smile is the most beautiful flower in the big garden of life; happiness is the boat to ferry people in the ocean of life. Life needs smile, life needs happiness.

face the pain with a smile, and the pain will avoid you; smile to face the sadness, and the sorrow will be far away from you; smile to face the troubles, and the troubles will no longer haunt you; smile and face everything, everything will disappear.

there is no dress rehearsal in life, cherish the present. Only those who do not dare to cross the hurdle, there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome. Smile in the face of all the difficulties encountered, happy to face every day of life, you are very close to success, not far from happiness!

vicissitudes of life is life, wind and rain is life. Ups and downs are common, while gains and losses are as easy as success or failure. Ups and downs, is the spice of life; flowers bloom, is the scenery of life; lack of a full moon, is the test of God.

an elegant and unrestrained life should be to dilute complex things, simplify tedious things, root out vexed branches, and dispel dark clouds of sorrow.

Life is impermanent and things are changeable, so why bother with those grudges? If you look down on it, it doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong; if you put it down, that's what success or failure will be all about. Looking at three thousand things in the world, it turns into an indifferent smile.

people with a good state of mind often regard life as a big umbrella, which can protect you from the wind and rain and accompany you to a sunny day; people with a bad state of mind often regard life as a difficulty, and they feel very difficult every day.

Life is beautiful, don't miss it; the rest of life is expensive, don't waste it. When you know how to forget the past, cherish your present, and be optimistic about your future, you stand at the top of your life; when you understand that success will calm you, failure will make you strong, insipid will make you elegant, and struggle will make you excellent, you also stand at the top of your life.

maybe you don't know how many people are watching you, how many people are supporting you, and how many people are admiring you. You are a beautiful scenery in people's mind!

maybe you don't know how many people around you are talking about you, how many people are criticizing you, how many people are slandering you, and how many people are ignoring you. You are a bright star who is envied and envied by others.

No matter what situation you are facing, you need to be generous, generous, calm and calm.

when you are in trouble, it is your open-minded to smile calmly; when you are misunderstood, it is your accomplishment to smile slightly; when you are aggrieved, it is your magnanimity to smile calmly; when you are criticized, it is your self-confidence to smile calmly; when you are frustrated, it is your optimism. Put a smile on your face every day, and you will always be happy.

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smiling to life and enjoying life is the best choice for us in this life!