Take care of this, take care of that, who will take care of you?

/July 2022

the most important thing in dealing with people is sincerity.

this is a principle that parents have always taught themselves since childhood.

therefore, in life, many people always treat others from the bottom of their heart, even if they are aggrieved, they do not want to make each other uncomfortable.

however, what our parents have never told us is that human nature often cannot stand the test.

most of the time, you take care of this and that, and you often don't get any sincerity in the end.

Schopenhauer said: "Man is no less cruel and ruthless than tigers and hyenas."

if you don't want to get hurt, your kindness must be given to the right person!


care too much about others, tired is that you

believe that everyone has had this experience more or less:

as long as others ask for your help, you can't bear to refuse, even if you are entangled in your heart, you will lend a helping hand;

but when you find someone else, you will be turned down in every way.

every word you say, you will think it over and consider it carefully for fear that it will hurt others.

but others will open their mouth to you and will not take into account your feelings at all.

when people ask you to keep a secret, you really keep your mouth shut and always worry about the other person's situation.

but as soon as others hear your privacy, they will advertise it around, and when you ask him, he justifiably dislikes you for having too much to do.


you always take others too seriously, but you take yourself too lightly.

take care of other people's feelings, take care of other people's feelings, and even force yourself to do things you don't want to do.

but what about the results?

who will take your efforts to heart, who will care about you every penny.

most of the time, it's just you who are tired.

so don't underestimate human nature and don't overestimate your feelings.

refuse when you should refuse, and be ruthless when you should be ruthless. If you are so good that there is no principle, others will only take an inch and take it for granted.

you know, the heart changes the heart, and if you can't change it, turn around.

Don't wronge yourself because you love others. This is the stupidest thing in the world.

I remember that Natsume Shushi once said, "in the human world, the general rule of love is that you can love others at your own advantage."

everything has a limit, so I won't be too tired!


think less about others and please yourself more

there are not many people who are worth your heart and heart except your parents.

most of the time, the reason why you have trouble is that you give your heart to these unworthy people.

I remember reading such a fable.

once upon a time there was a pair of good friends who were inseparable and had a good relationship with each other since the mistress.

one of them likes eggs and the other is a nuisance.

so the person who hates eating eggs always gives his eggs to his friends, day after day, non-stop.

until one day, the man saw a beggar by the side of the road. He was kind and thought that his friend had an egg, so he gave his egg to the beggar.

unexpectedly, his friend quarreled with him about this, blaming him for giving others the eggs he had given himself.

after that, I never spoke to him again.

this reminds people of the saying: "fight rice and nourish grace and stone to nourish hatred."

between people, it is most taboo to pay and please without asking for anything in return, which will only spoil some ungrateful and insincere people.

only by thinking more about yourself, life will not be depressed.

is the so-called self-control, do not cross others.

Sanmao once said: "A person's life lies not in length, but in whether he has lived happily."

if you want to have a happy life, you can't think too much about others.

imagine that when others hurt you, they never thought about your feelings. Why should you bother for such a person?

so put away your kindness, grasp your kindness, and remember to love yourself first, no matter what happens.

after all, life is short. Only when everything you give is cherished can you deserve better people and things.


there is a way to live a good life

what is the most important thing for a person to live a lifetime?

I remember Mr. Lin Yutang said such a sentence: "Life is nothing more than this, do and cherish it." You will always be your own protagonist, don't always play a supporting role in other people's plays. "

indeed, there is only one life, and living your life well is more important than anything else.

there are many boring people in this world. If you argue about them one by one, you will get hurt again and again.

there are some things that do not see, do not hear, do not smell the heart, is the love for yourself.

those who hate themselves, let them hate as much as they want;

those who criticize themselves, let them talk nonsense;

those who hurt themselves, let them leave as soon as possible!

after all, life is your own and has nothing to do with others.

therefore, we do not need to be recognized by others, but also have the courage to be hated by others.

as "Courage to be hated" said:

if there are two kinds of life for me to choose, one is "life loved by everyone" and the other is "people hate their own life". I will not hesitate to choose the latter.

only in this way, we will not change ourselves because of the eyes of others, nor will we take into account the feelings of others.And wronged himself.

to live your life in the way you like is the highest way for a person to live.

the rest of my life is not long. I hope you and I can let go of other people's mistakes and free our hearts.

in this complicated world, I live freely and easily.

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there is a good saying: "We must have the freedom and courage to be ourselves."

if you cling to other people's world too much, you will only make yourself timid, lose your unique style, and lose the strength and courage to move forward.

therefore, bravely go your own way and be yourself.

Life is so precious that there is really no need to waste extra energy and time growing up.

"Let those who understand understand, let those who do not understand do not understand; let the world be the world, and I am willing to be my cocoon."

over the years, enjoy their own scenery, but also wonderful their own life, this is enough.