The highest state of life-- suffering

/August 2022

there is a poem saying:

Life is like a pot of porridge.

Yi Ji should look at the heat slowly, making its own ups and downs.

Life is like a pot of porridge. Only by boiling slowly can you get the best taste.

through the tearing heart, you can sharpen a stronger mind;

over the cliff, you can enjoy a more magnificent scenery.


when you are sad, there is a saying that

there is a saying: "99% of what happens to you every day means nothing to others."

when you really understand life, you learn to be silent.

A story was told by media author @ Gu Xiaoman.

A class party, Minru, who became a civil servant after graduation, poured out her grievances, saying that she was in a bad state recently.

I often work overtime. I haven't taken a holiday for a long time, and my body and energy are on the verge of bearing the limit.

I thought I would be comforted by my classmates, but I didn't expect to get cynicism in return.

"isn't it discontented to complain about such a decent job?"

"otherwise, if we switch jobs, I'm sure I can hold out better than you."

since then, Minru has never spoken to her classmates or complained in her moments.

so-called growth is the process of pressing the mute button.

even if you have just been aggrieved at work, you have to mute your cries the next second;

even if life is already a chicken feather, you have to be calm in front of people;

No matter how difficult life is, you have to go through all the helplessness and sorrow alone.

writer Luni said: "in everyone's life, there are several mouthfuls of cold overnight rice that must be swallowed."

Life is lived by yourself, and no one can bear it for you.

all you can do is hide your mind, grit your teeth and struggle while carrying a heavy load.

when alone, patience

M á rquez once wrote:

"Life never leaves loneliness and exists independently."

whether we are born, we grow up, we fall in love or we succeed or fail, until the end, loneliness exists in a corner of life like a shadow. "

in one's life, the more you move forward, the lonelier you are.

when a friend just joined the work meeting, it was lonely to work and live alone in a strange city.

after work, a person went back to the rented house, no one spoke, no one ate.

she once said something that hurt me: "I feel like an orphan."

in order not to look so lonely and pathetic, she also tried to fit into inappropriate circles in the past, and finally made herself tired.

people seem to be afraid of loneliness, but loneliness goes with them all their lives.

since loneliness is normal, you might as well learn to be patient and enjoy it.

as said in A hundred years of Solitude:

to survive loneliness is beautiful.

even if there is no one to accompany in the future, you can still live a vivid life.


when the trough is low, there is a problem with energy storage

Zhihu: why do some people say that the trough period is the best value-added period?

there is an impressive answer:

"everyone has troughs and peaks in life, but some people have shorter troughs and some people have longer troughs.

the longer the trough is, it is not necessarily a bad thing. The more it accumulates in the trough, the higher the height can be reached in the peak period.

We see that some people become famous when they are young, but lack stamina. On the other hand, some people rise abruptly based on their accumulated strength and become a late bloomer. Once they succeed, they will become famous all over the world. "

just like the well-known "bamboo law":

bamboo, in the first four years, grew only 3 centimeters.

but from the fifth year, it can grow to 15 meters in only 6 weeks.

because bamboo spends all its efforts on stretching underground roots.

but in real life, how many people can survive that three centimeters?

some people become strong in life because they hold on for a while longer than others when they are at a low ebb and before the opportunity comes.

"Caigen Tan" says: "if you wait for a long time, you will fly high."

suffering, which seems to be very bitter, is actually a kind of precipitation with accumulated strength.

if you can hold on a little longer in the trough and endure in despair, your fate may be very different.

as much as you can endure, you are outstanding.

after all, the so-called abyss is a long way to go.


when helpless,

during the warring States period, the famous vertical and horizontal scholar Su Qin traveled around the world, hoping to give full play to his political ambitions, but no one appreciated it.

he even wrote ten books to the king of Qin, but he was abandoned.

so Su Qin had nowhere to go and had no choice but to go home down and out.

who ever thought that even his relatives would abandon him when he was at his poorest?

his wife doesn't get off the loom, his sister-in-law doesn't give him food, and his parents don't talk to him.

but Su Qin did not complain, because he knew that if he wanted to get ahead, he had to carry all the warmth and warmth of human feelings.

he dug up the Yin Fu Sutra written by Jiang Taigong and studied hard with a lamp.To study the vertical and horizontal techniques.

when he wanted to sleep late at night, he stabbed himself in the thigh with an awl and bled up to his ankle.

A year later, Su Qin went out again and finally lobbied the six countries.

the most important thing for a truly mature person to lose is to expect from others.

No matter how difficult the road is, you have to go on your own; no matter how hard your life is, you have to go through it on your own.

when you go through all the darkness alone, you will find that the suffering you once thought was not worth mentioning at all.

as the Seventh Day says:

"No matter how wonderful the experience is, it will be a thing of the past, no matter how deep the sorrow will fall on yesterday."

like the passage of time without mercy, life is like a healing process, we are injured, healed, injured again, healed again. "

you  I agree with one sentence: "in fact, there is no skill to live a good life, the only thing you can do is to endure it slowly."

suffering is an attitude towards life and a state of life.

days are too hard, so we use diligence and hard work to boil out sweetness;

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Life is too light, we use accumulation and precipitation to boil out fragrance.

when you get through it, you will find that the test of life is often another fulfillment of fate.