The law of cause and effect is 100 times more powerful than fengshui (amazing! )

/July 2022

recently, I was deeply moved by a piece of news.

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A granny in Zibo, Shandong Province takes the No. 89 bus every day. Because the granny's legs are inconvenient, the bus drivers help the granny get on and off the bus every time and take the initiative to take the granny across the road.

to express her gratitude, the old woman took out to the bus driver for more than ten days in a row.

the granny is going to have an operation. I don't know whether the operation will be successful or not. She specially asked the platform takeout clerk to write to the drivers, saying that it was probably the last time to deliver takeout to them, and thanked them again.

A few days later, drivers received milk tea takeout again.

it's just that the person who ordered the meal this time is the grandmother's daughter. She left a message saying that the old man had left and thanked the No. 89 bus driver for his help.

the bus driver helped the grandmother and received friendly feedback from the grandmother.

when warmth meets warmth, kindness meets goodness, everything is so beautiful.

those who love to return, and those who come and go are blessed.

Life is like this. whatever cause you plant, you will get what you will get.

"cause" is good, then "effect" is also good; "cause" is bad, then "effect" is also bad.

this is the so-called law of cause and effect.


if you sow hatred, you can only reap hatred

Chinese studies master Ji Xianlin wrote in the "five volumes":

A person who lives in resentment can hardly feel happy. Because resentment is a bottomless pit that you can never fill.

recently I saw a piece of news that the two neighbors in Shanghai who live at the opposite door have been fighting wits for years.

the reason is that Mr. Gu put a cabinet in the corridor and piled up some uncommonly used things. The opposite door felt that he had occupied the public space, and as a counterattack, he also put a cabinet in the corridor.

Mr. Gu installed a camera in front of his house for his daughter's safety. the neighbor felt that the camera was shining on his house, so he hung a gossip mirror outside the door facing Mr. Gu's house.

Mr. Gu's family was so annoyed that they felt that the opposite door was intentional and wanted the other party to take off the gossip mirror.

after coordination, the two families have reconciled and removed the camera and the gossip mirror respectively.

unexpectedly, after a while, the neighbor opposite the door hung another broom. Seeing this, Mr. Gu immediately installed the camera back.

the man at the opposite door really couldn't bear to watch it, so he slammed the door of Mr. Gu's house with a ring lock.

the two families held a grudge against each other, but in the end they completely lost their mind and did something stupid.

hating each other is like a dagger with two stings, stabbing others and hurting yourself at the same time.

if you sow hatred, you can only reap it.

treating others with revenge will only lead to greater harm.


sow happiness

revisit the TV series "Jinghua Yanyun".

one of the deepest feelings is that who can not be happy to marry a woman like Yao Mulan?

she is sensible and considerate, and she takes family harmony as the starting point.

the eldest brother died as soon as he got married. Yao Mulan knew that his sister-in-law wanted a child. when her sister-in-law brought her adopted child home, Yao Mulan was really happy for her and asked her father-in-law to give her a name so that her parents-in-law could accept the child.

she can appreciate the good intentions of her parents-in-law to keep the family apart.

when the second sister-in-law wants to separate the family and get a lot of property in advance, Yao Mulan takes the initiative to give her share to the second sister-in-law, which not only relieves the trouble for her parents-in-law, but also gives peace to the extended family.

in the face of her husband Sunya's childishness and willfulness, Yao Mulan gave him a chance and time to turn over a new leaf. It was Yao Mulan's tolerance and guidance that made Sun-ya grow into a responsible husband.

because she is extremely understanding and considerate to everyone, she naturally gains the respect and kindness of the people around her.

the philosopher Thoreau once said, "everyone is the craftsman of his own happiness."

Life is an echo. You will reap what you sow and get what you give.

those who know how to show kindness to others can reap a happy life.


what kind of cause, what result

some people say: the road of life, the smooth road is still rugged, in fact, most of them are determined by their own actions.

Life is a cycle of cause and effect, and your present situation is caused by who you used to be. What you do and think now will also affect your future life.

if you want to have a smooth future, you must understand the law of cause and effect and start with yourself.

before others can be nice to you

Carnegie once said, "if you want to make friends, you have to do something for others."

if you want to be loved, you must first love others; if you want to be cared for, you must first care about others; if you want to be nice to others, you must be kind to others.

this is the truth that we often say, "if you want to take it first, you must give it first".

in the entertainment circle, Zhao Liying and Xie Na are very close friends.

the two met in a program recording and accidentally bumped into their shirts. Zhao Liying is a person who is not good at words and is very nervous and embarrassed on the stage.

Xie Na saw Zhao Liying's embarrassment and joked that the two were brothers.


, Xie Na took care of Zhao Liying as a sister in both life and work, and their relationship became better and better.

Zhao Liying also cares about Xie Na all the time.

Xie Na gave birth to twin daughters, and Zhao Liying generously gave her a golden lock. Xie Na publishedZhao Liying took the initiative to promote her new book and her first live broadcast.

Zhao Liying successfully gave birth to her son. Xie Na also specially wrote a greeting card and asked her husband Zhang Jie to give it to Zhao Liying, who is also in Beijing.

between people, they are all mutual.

all kindness is just a change of heart; all relationships are true to you and true to you.

if we want others to be friendly to us, we must first show sincerity, so that the relationship will become stronger and stronger over time.

know how to suffer losses, pave more roads and tear down bridges

there is a saying in the Biography of Li Jiacheng: "plant more trees, plant fewer thorns; pave more roads and tear down bridges."

this is one of the secrets of Li Ka-shing's business success, and it is also the reason why he has been in business for many years.

he also repeatedly told his son Li Zekai that when cooperating with others, he must know how to lose and yield profits, so that there can be more and more partners.

Li Ka-shing told his son, "if you cooperate with others, if you get a reasonable score of seven or an eight, just get a six."

Let others earn two more points, everyone knows that working with you will take advantage, and more people will be willing to cooperate with you. "

in Li Ka-shing's view, everything should not only take their own interests as the ultimate goal, but take win-win as the premise of cooperation.

Sima Qian wrote in the Records of the historian: "the world is all for profit; the world is bustling for profit."

for the sake of self-interest, we can only lose our friendship; only by thinking more about each other and knowing how to suffer losses, can the road of life become wider and wider.

learn to be tolerant, take the initiative to reconcile

vengeance, and eventually harm others and yourself. Only when it is resolved amicably can we make both sides complete.

during the Spring and Autumn period, Wei and Chu were adjacent to each other, and villagers in both countries liked to grow melons.

Unfortunately, the weather was relatively dry and early this spring. Due to lack of water, melon seedlings in both countries grew very slowly.

the villagers of the State of Wei carry water to water melons every night. For several days in a row, the melon seedlings grew better obviously.

the villagers of the State of Chu were very jealous when they saw this, so some people sneaked into the melon fields of the State of Wei at night to step on the melon seedlings.