The mind is calm and calm, the heart is pure and indifferent, the state of mind.

/August 2022

there is a sentence in Wang Yangming's Biography:

on the road of spiritual practice in life, what we need to practice is a heart.

all kinds of troubles in the world are related to the heart, and they are all born from the heart.

if we can fix a heart in this troubled world, we can live with it regardless of the wind or rain.

if you want to live a good life, you need to practice these three kinds of mind.

peace of mind, calm mind, peace of mind.

if we can cultivate these three kinds of mind, we will certainly be more calm and calm in the face of impetuous life.


can you be as calm as water

I wonder if you have found that there are many troubles in life, all of which are created by ourselves.

Japanese writer Matsuura Mitaro once said:

We can always think of something out of thin air to make ourselves anxious, annoyed and angry.

people who think too much and think too far will imperceptibly bind themselves with shackles.

I have read such a story:

there was an old man selling sugar cane in the market and chatting with people who bought sugar cane.

the old man spoke vigorously, and he suddenly said, "the changes in life are unpredictable. Everyone, look at me peeling sugar cane here, talking and laughing. Maybe I'll go home and lie down and sleep tonight, but I won't be able to get up tomorrow."

one of the crowd said, "if you really can't get up tomorrow, why come to sell sugar cane today?"

the old man replied, "Don't cook for a day, don't eat for a day." Even if we know that we can't live in this world tomorrow, we still have to cut sugar cane well. if there is no tomorrow, will we lie down and wait to die? "

I think so.

No matter what happens tomorrow, we will try to play the cards we hold today.

No one knows what happens to us and what happens to us, and no one can control it.

the only thing we can do is to calm our mind down and let it live in every moment.

I have read the story of "worrying about the sky" since childhood:

there is a man in the State of Qi who has always been afraid of the collapse of the sky and the collapse of the earth.

so he didn't sit or stand, he didn't dare to sleep, and he didn't want to eat.

We are like the alarmists, often worrying about what will not happen or what will not happen long after.

most of the time, we are troubled and unhappy because we think too much.

only by calming down can we feel the unexpected beauty in life.

when we live in every day, we will find ourselves relaxed and happy.

whether it is listening to a rain, reading a book, or making a pot of tea, quietly waiting for a flower to bloom, these are the little beauties of life.

the journey of life is in a hurry. Only by settling in the present can we live as calmly as running water.


in order to be calm

, there is a saying in the Buddhist saying:

this sentence means: if a person's heart is pure, everything he sees is pure, because he will not be easily affected by external things.

if one has peace of mind, he can face everything with an indifferent state of mind.

Don't bother others, don't worry about trifles, build hedges and pick chrysanthemums in your own world.

I have read such a story:

there is a highly respected Zen master who is often instructed and loved by everyone.

there was a man who hated the Zen master. He went to the Zen master and attacked and insulted the Zen master.

the people next to him felt very angry, but the Zen master just listened quietly, did not get angry, and did not reply to that man.

when the man was tired of scolding and shut up, the Zen master asked him faintly: "if you have to give someone something, but others are not willing to accept it, whose is it?"

he replied without thinking: "of course it's my own."

the Zen master then said, "then I didn't accept what you scolded me just now. Are those words mine?"

the man was said to be ashamed and fled in a hurry.

in life, when we are abused and deliberately slandered by others, we might as well be like the Zen master.

what does it have to do with me if I don't accept misunderstanding and praise, abuse and praise?

only when one's heart is pure, can one be at ease with all the noise around him.

Lin Qingxuan once shared an interesting story with his friend:

many years ago, his friend gave him a valuable antique teapot, and Lin Qingxuan gladly accepted it.

as a result, a few days later, a friend found Lin Qingxuan and said he had sent it wrong and wanted it back.

Lin Qingxuan gave it back to him happily.

when faced with all kinds of temptations and troubles in the world, pure-minded people are as calm and elegant as ever.

as the saying goes


only when you are in a broad state of mind can you be relieved.

the Buddhist saying:

Wisdom mind is the wisdom to see through. Because you can see through the nature of things, you will have a deeper understanding and view.

Wisdom is the wisdom to see through, because you can see through the nature of things, so you don't easily draw conclusions, and you can admire with delight when something happens.

good things happen and bad things happen in our lives.

even if it is the same thing, two people will have very different views.

A long time ago, there was an abbot and an abbot in the mountainsA little monk.

early that morning, the abbot and the young monk in the temple were about to go down the mountain, and suddenly it began to rain cats and dogs.

the young monk said angrily, "this is a really bad time to rain!"

the abbot smiled and said, "I think it rained in time."

the young monk was very puzzled and followed the abbot to the backyard.

it turns out that many dishes in the garden have been wilted by the heavy sun a few days ago.

thanks to the rain, the vegetables in the garden were spared.

after reading this story, it reminds me of a sentence:

A heavy rain left people who were about to go out in the yard, disrupting their plans; a heavy rain also brought everything back to life.

the writer Yi Shu once said:

"there are gains and losses, is life, do not resentment."

everything that happens to us, everyone we meet, has a reason.

what you get is doomed, and all you lose is fate.

instead of wrestling with complaints, it is better to praise them with joy and accept them both, good or bad.

only in this way, we can walk leisurely and leisurely in the wind and rain.

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people's circumstances are not determined by nature, but the result of spiritual cultivation.

cultivate a quiet heart, you can feel at ease every day;

cultivate a quiet mind, you will be happy all the time;

cultivate a wise heart and be happy everywhere;

May you be able to repair your mind in this life.

flatter or disgrace, quietly watch the flowers bloom in the world;

leave or stay unintentionally, wandering with the clouds of the sky.