The power of self-discipline (amazing effect)

/July 2022

Let's start with a question: what changes can a 30-day high degree of self-discipline bring to life?

there is a middle-aged otaku who either plays games on the sofa or plays to kill time after work every day.

after being decadent for a long time, one day he finally made up his mind and decided to change himself.

he made a 30-day "rebirth plan" for himself:

during these 30 days, he asked himself to go to work by bike every day, take 10000 steps every day, and write novels of more than 1000 words a day.

every day, he forces himself not to watch TV, eat candy or caffeine.

A month later, he changed from a sloppy, lazy mansion to a sportsman and conquered Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

from physical appearance to mental state, 30 days of highly self-disciplined life has given him a whole new look.

he proved with his own experience that no one is doomed to have a bad life, and you are not doing well just because you are not self-disciplined.

Management guru Drucker once said, "how you live your day, you live your life."

if you do nothing today, the future is just a repeat of today;

if you push yourself today, there will be endless surprises tomorrow.

in this world, there is never good luck for no reason. Every gift in fate is a gift of self-discipline.



what does an 88-year-old look like in your eyes?

Gray hair and bent hunchback?

recently, an 88-year-old German fitness coach showed you the best appearance of 88 years old by video.

her name is Nashida. She is 88 years old, but she has a 28-year-old body.

in the video, she is tight and symmetrical, there is no trace of age on her face, and she is full of vitality.

from the beginning to becoming a fitness trainer, Nashida has persisted for decades.

the time and sweat she spends on sports makes her now in a state of "reverse age" beyond the years.

many people want to have an old face and a slim figure, but a beautiful face needs to be maintained by self-discipline.

Lincoln once said that a person's appearance is determined by his parents when he is young, but after middle age, his appearance is determined by himself.

those who are good-looking are all self-disciplined.


speech self-discipline

A year ago, when a friend returned to her hometown for the Spring Festival, her mother arranged a blind date for her, who was successful in career, tall and handsome.

Mother thinks the other person is nice, so she often asks them about their progress, but she only wants to work and has no intention of falling in love.

once she had a communication problem with a client and was criticized by her boss in the company group. Her mother came to ask again. She was angry and yelled at her mother directly:

when she heard this, her mother was at a loss. Tears fell on the spot.

at that time, it was too late for her to repent, but she could no longer take back her hurtful words.

in life, how many people can't talk well, leave all the hurtful words to their relatives, and give the worst temper to the ones they love most.

when couples quarrel, they blurt out the breakup; when friends have bad feelings, they criticize them; when children do something wrong, they are full of dislike and negation.

speech is the lowest cost hurtful weapon, the speaker is careless, the listener is intentional.

the greatest self-discipline of adults is to know how to speak well.


self-discipline of conduct

Cao Zhi once said: "only fear the gods, but be cautious and independent."

the so-called cautious solitude, that is, when you are alone, you can exercise self-discipline and stick to your own conduct.

Yang Zhen, the master of the Eastern Han Dynasty, was ordered to work in a small county, and the local county magistrates were all officials he had promoted.

that night, an official came to the door with ten jin of gold to thank him for his promotion.

Yang Zhen refused to accept it, and the official whispered: "it's dark and no one knows."

Yang Zhen snapped: "Heaven knows, earth knows, you know, I know, how can no one know?"

with that, he invited the official out of the door.

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A person's character depends not only on the decency in front of others, but also on the bottom line behind them.

some people seem to be beautiful in appearance, but if they are seduced by profit, there is no bottom line at all.

the world is full of temptations. Only by keeping the bottom line of being a man can we stand in an invincible position in troubled times.

good conduct is the best business card for a person to walk in the world.


emotional self-discipline

some people say:

when Wu Qilong took a photo with his fans, a female fan wanted to take his hand.

seeing this, he immediately declined to say, "Sorry, I have a wife."

A simple sentence defines his bottom line and gives his wife enough sense of security.

it is precisely because of this awe of marriage that Wu Qilong was able to manage this marriage, which was not favored at the beginning, in an orderly manner.

Marriage is a delivery of trust and loyalty.

after marriage, the passion that once loved each other will inevitably be diluted in the trivialities, and the vows that have been accompanied for a lifetime may get tired after seven years of itching.

Marriage life is full of temptations everywhere, but the pursuit of freshness is a human instinct and loyalty is a choice.

A good marriage means not only love, but also commitment and responsibility.

emotional self-discipline is not only self-respect and self-love for yourself, but also responsibility and responsibility for your partner.


emotional self-discipline

in walking to the edge of life, Mr. Yang Jiang recorded one thing.

at that time, Qian Zhongshu was so busy writing "besieged Fortress" that her family was too busy, so Yang Jiang hired her servant Ah Ju to help.

but when Ah Ju arrived at her house, instead of helping, she often got into trouble.

once, A Ju was bringing ready food to the table and forgot to turn off the fire. The fire in the kitchen was burning so fast that it almost reached the roof.

Yang Jiang arrived in a hurry and picked up porcelain cans and ashes to cover the flames, which did not cause much damage.

but although the fire is out, the kitchen is in a mess, and after a lot of trouble, the whole family is no longer in the mood to eat.

Yang Jiang couldn't help getting angry and was about to scold Ah Ju.

but she thought that now that the fire had been extinguished, it would be useless to pursue it at this time.

so she talked calmly with Ah Ju, who knew she had made a mistake and became more rigorous in the future.

there will inevitably be times of anger in life, but losing your temper will not solve the problem, but will only add more troubles.

it is a rare practice in life to be calm and control your emotions.

losing temper is an instinct, but controlling one's temper is the skill.



look at such a picture.

the first thing you see is an old lady with a frown.

you can turn the picture upside down, and the old lady suddenly becomes a young girl with a smile.

the same picture is bitter in front and sweet in reverse. From different angles, you can see a completely different picture.

Life is the same.

most of the time, the world will be much better if you face the same thing with a different state of mind.