There is a kind of tiredness called thinking too much.

/July 2022

the heart will be tired, people will be tired.

just want not to do, that is called fantasy; only do not think, that is called impulse; dare to think and dare to do, is wisdom.

Don't think too much and ruin your life.


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think too much, the mood is ruined

think too much, the mood is ruined.

Buddhists say:

Bodhi has no tree, and the mirror is not Taiwan.

there is nothing, so where does it cause dust?

most of the troubles in one's life are caused by oneself.

there are so many troubles that I can't hold it in my heart, so it naturally becomes a burden.

birth, old age, sickness, death, love and hatred in the world are all temporary obsession.

in Zengguang Xian Wen, it is said: "sometimes there must be something in life, but don't force it all the time."

whether to hold it or put it down is in the blink of an eye.

when something happens, don't think too much about it.

instead of forcing it, it is better to let nature take its course and live every day.


think too much, the pace slows down

Lenin said: "cannot be a giant of thought, a dwarf of action."

people who think too much waste their time on entanglement.

wait for the best time, the best condition, and then give it a shot.

the reason for this is nothing more than stinginess and fear of failure.

procrastination and evasion again and again in order to avoid failure.

there is no foolproof in the world. Time is gone and opportunities are fleeting.

thinking too much can become an encumbrance and make you miss the opportunity.

I have run thousands of miles in my head, but I haven't taken the first step under my feet.

everything is empty and meaningless.

there is no dead end that you can't get out of, only stubborn minds that you can't figure out.

instead of worrying too much, it is better to keep your feet on the ground and take the first step.

everything is difficult at the beginning, once you start to do it, you will find that

there must be a way to the front of the mountain, and the boat will go straight when it comes to the bridge.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said, "your biggest problem is that you read too little and think too much."

spend the time you think about reading, studying and working.

improve yourself and everything will be all right.


think too much, and people break up

people who think too much will not only torture themselves, but also affect others.

Hu Shi once wrote in my Mother:

"I have come to understand that the most disgusting thing in the world is an angry face;

the dirtiest thing in the world is to show an angry face to others.

this is worse than beating and scolding. "

I can't adjust my emotions well, even losing patience with the people around me.

No matter how you live, someone will judge you;

No matter what you do, there will always be people telling you what to do.

it's better to spend more time on yourself and live for yourself.

Don't ask for trouble and don't belittle yourself.

if you live an easy life, others will be happy with you.


if you think too much, you will be less happy

it is not easy to live a life. Don't think too much about it.

the more you think about it, the less happiness you will have and the more troubles you will have.

being immersed in negative emotions for a long time will only make people get deeper and deeper.

as the ancients said, there is nothing in the world to worry about.

if you think too much, simple things will become complicated;

you have to think of something out of thin air.

if you live in fear, you will gradually lose the ability to feel happiness.

people who think too much can't live a good life.

as the ancients said, "if you get drunk today, worry about tomorrow."

live in the present, complex life is simple, you will be much happier.