True friends: because of quality, respect for virtue, longer than love (deep good article)

/June 2022

the more you experience, the more you understand the importance of friends.

Mark Twain once said:

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the friend we should look forward to wholeheartedly must be the true friend who sincerely hopes that we are good and can make us feel warm and comfortable.

and such a true friend, no need to please, no need to ingratiate.

you and he tend to come together because of their similar temperament, then trust each other because of their outstanding character, and finally stay together because of sharing weal and woe.

therefore, true long-term friends are never the icing on the cake, but the sincerity of knowing each other.


because of the difference between the three values, it is never the same person

some people say that life is a journey that is drifting away.

in fact, what is drifting away is not only the hearts of the people, but also the three values.

for people with different values, it is good that they do not intersect. Once they are interrelated, there will be a situation in which chickens and ducks talk. Not only can they not make any sparks, but they are more likely to torture each other and hurt each other without knowing it.

it takes wisdom to choose partners and friends in this life. if there is no spiritual connection, no matter how good the surface is, it is hard to escape the outcome of parting.

there is a fable that

frogs and mice become friends and want to be together all the time. So they tied their feet together.

at first, they walked normally on the ground and could eat millet.

when they came to the pond, the frog jumped into the water and dragged the mouse into the water.

the frog had a good time in the water, but the poor mouse couldn't swim and drowned.

finally, the body of the mouse floated to the surface, its feet still tied to the frog.

an eagle found the mouse, rushed to the surface of the water and grabbed the mouse, while the frog was raised to the surface and became the eagle's delicacy.

less than a thousand glasses of wine, less than a thousand glasses of bosom friends, more than half a sentence without speculation.

the communication between people always has to ask for something. in addition to seeking interests, it is nothing more than seeking a comfort and a fit.

but if the values are different, it is doomed that the relationship will fall apart and end up in their own worlds.

therefore, there are only three values that can bring two people together, and there is no similar three values. No matter how good the relationship is, it will not help.


respect for virtue: feelings to the end is the character

character, is a person's strongest backing.

the ancients believed that "virtue, meritorious service, and speech" are "three immortals", and the first is "virtue".

there are many reasons why people and people can come together. It may be that the magnetic field coincides, it may be the same values, or it may be the superficial appearance, but no matter what it begins, it is the "good" people who are able to stay together in the end.

the Green Book, the best picture of the 91st Academy Awards, depicts the story of black musician Tang and white driver Tony, who eventually overcome various obstacles and become best friends because of a chance to go together.

when Tony indulged in the joy of gambling and could not extricate himself from a little bit of income, Tang solemnly said to him:

"winning money doesn't mean anything. Many gamblers are so caught up in it."

when Tony is habitually shoplifting, Tang is also very tough to ask Tony to return.

during this journey, Tang constantly teaches Tony to become a better himself, and Tony brings rare joy to Tang.

so, at the end of the trip, they became really good friends.

some people say:

some people say:

in a relationship, people get along more closely with each other, and there is no room for sand.

therefore, any kind of emotion, in the end, does not rely on tacit understanding or love, but on character, character pass, natural life success.


for a long time, the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water.

as the old saying goes, "A long time sees the heart, but a friend in need is a friend indeed."

people can see the true and false only once, and only after something happens can they know whether it is good or bad.

therefore, interpersonal communication is really expensive, not too expensive, and no matter how much rhetoric is said, it is not as good as the friendship of sending charcoal in the snow.

in the late Qing Dynasty, there was a businessman who started from scratch, his business grew bigger and bigger, and became famous as the richest man in the area.

A friend failed in investment and needed a large amount of cash flow. He came to his door to buy his own industry.

instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to lower the price, the businessman gave the normal market price.

my staff feel very confused. Why do they suffer losses instead of eating the fat meat that is delivered to them?

the businessman said:

"if you are willing to carry an umbrella for others, others will be willing to give you an umbrella."

when no one is in trouble, now that he has made friends, he can help a little bit. "

the intersection of two people does not lie in the hypocrisy of affluence when they are rich, but in the timely help after adversity.

A true good friend will silently bless you in the distance when you are successful, but when you are in trouble, he is willing to be your support to protect you from the wind and rain.

if in a relationship, you only have to give, but you don't get anything in return, then you don't have to stick to it.

after all, sweet words and promises are not as good as a pair of hands willing to lift your hands when you are in trouble.

"if you don't know him, he will not be his friend."

it is rare to "understand" in life, and friends who share the same values will more easily "understand you".

making friends, with virtue first, a friend with outstanding character is bound to help you get on the right path.

icing on the cake is easy, sharing weal and woe, who is good and who is bad, go through a trough, and you will understand.

this is the way to be a man and to make friends. If you can really get such a true friend, it will be worth your life.