You look young because of these five points.

/August 2022

"people always grow old at the beginning. Wrinkles have something to do with youth, not beauty."

there is a famous saying in "Youth":

Youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind.

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Youth is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees, but a matter of deep will, magnificent imagination and passionate feelings.

Youth is the deep spring of life. "

We often find that some people are young, but look old;

some people are not young, but look young and youthful.

and a person's state of mind determines his appearance.


A person's temperament, state of mind and mood can often be shown in appearance.

there are two of the most useless things in the world: anger and complaint.

most of the time, you appear to be old and bleak, but you are actually "angry".

forget what should be forgotten, put what should be put.

A little less care, a little more calm, you are kind to life, life will be gentle to you.

there is no depression in the heart, the brow is stretched, the eyes are gentle, the face is young, and people are comfortable.


after the age of 30, if you want to live a life of pursuit, you have to pay something, which is the price of exchange.

and fair.

Russell said:

your self-discipline hides your higher pursuit of life.

Independent  people who take the initiative in life are different from those who are constantly destroyed by life.

in their faces, you can see the vigorous vitality and the confidence that emanates from their bones after their abilities have been affirmed.

the wind and water of life management rises, and the eyes can't deceive people.

their eyes contain a passion for life and look forward to tomorrow.

is the kind of self-confidence and determination that makes life beyond age.

your independence is actually your vitality.

keep learning

keep young, one is posture, the other is self-control.

No matter what age you are, please keep a belief that you don't accept the old.

have a passion for life, keep learning and enrich yourself, cultivate your own hobby and improve yourself.

whether it's reading, learning a foreign language, or getting in touch with other new things.

only by constantly improving yourself can we enrich our spiritual world, broaden our horizons, and face the thorns and frustrations of life more confidently and calmly.

"people always grow old at first. Wrinkles have something to do with youth, not beauty."

spiritual appearance

in Dengtuzi's lecherous Fu, Song Yu said:

what is pleasing to the eye may be the right costume.

the reason why people never get tired of being around for a long time is more because of good speech and elegant self-cultivation.


words reflect a person's mental outlook better than mirrors.

in life, there is a ruler to speak.

measures the level of each other's EQ, but measures the height of oneself.

laugh well

joke is to make people happy, not to make people angry.

laugh and laugh, the difference between a word and a word can be expressed in a completely different way, but what is hidden is the temperature of being a human being.

do things with a certain degree

Confucius said in the Analects of Confucius that one must understand the differences between upper and lower, inferiority, closeness, distance and proximity.

people who are really self-restrained know that no matter how familiar they are, they should not lose their sense of being a man.

only when you do things properly and show respect to each other can you give yourself dignity.

Confucius said:

the most amazing thing in a person's life is not his appearance, but his elegant speech; the most precious thing is not wealth, but rare character.