Your upbringing is your blessing.

/July 2022

Not long ago, such a thing happened at the railway station.

A girl's bus is about to leave, but the queue for tickets is still out of sight. In desperation, she goes to the front of the line and says to the guy at the top of the line:

"can I take it first? my car is leaving soon!"

Brother readily agreed, then quietly walked to the end of the line and stood in line again.

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"this kind of cultivation comes from the goodness of the heart, and one of the connotations of kindness is to be able to think of others."

Yes, many people have encountered such a situation, and the most direct manifestation of self-cultivation is not to embarrass people.

A cultured person is nothing more than keeping a low profile and being modest and loving at all times.


A mother held her sleeping child in her arms on the subway, fearing that her child's shoes would stain the clothes of the passengers next to her, so the mother kept holding her shoes in her hands.

the person who can think of others and keep in mind all the time is the most cultured person.


on the bus, a little girl, who looks only about three years old, crouched next to the trash can and ate the ice cream carefully in order not to get the floor dirty.

A child is born with a blank sheet of paper. Whether the content on the paper is good or bad depends entirely on the guidance of the parents.


during the morning rush hour, the child sitting in the back seat threw the yogurt box out of the window during the red light. The father saw this, opened the car door, picked up the garbage and educated the child.

if every parent teaches their children in this way, there will probably be no "bear children" in the world.


the roadside refrigerator in Hangzhou provides free ice water for couriers and takeouts every day.

one day, video surveillance captured a touching scene in which a boy opened the refrigerator and put something in it.

the staff came forward to check. It turned out that the boy had put a letter in it. The boy's father was a courier. The letter reads:

"Thank you to the uncles and aunts who brought water to the dads. You made this summer warmer."

Love is always mutual. When goodness meets goodness, it will produce the most beautiful flowers in the world.


an old man hobbled to the hospital and insisted on giving the doctor a red envelope, but the doctor refused to accept it, so he put the red packet on the windowsill and left silently.

the red packet contains 1000 yuan, and there is a note that reads:

"in the 1960s, I owed the hospital three yuan due to illness. Please accept the thousand yuan."

the grace of dripping water, when Yongquan returns, is not only a virtue, but also an adherence to morality.


on the subway, in spite of other people's dissuasion, an uncle peeled garlic and said that someone would clean it.

the girl standing next to her did not say a word from the beginning to the end. Before getting off the bus, she silently cleaned up the garlic belt on the ground and got off the car.

Don't command a child in an adult tone, let alone "look down on" a minor child.

because quality has nothing to do with age.


the sewer is blocked by a plastic bag, so there is no way to drain smoothly.

the boy waiting for the bus at the bus stop saw this and waded over to take out the plastic bag.

there are always people in this world who give silently, warm hearts of great love, how many gorgeous words to describe feel pale.


A grandmother on crutches tries to cross the street in Hezhou, Guangxi, trembling in the traffic.

maybe everyone is in a hurry, and the passing cars don't stop for the old man.